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What do you think is the best part about playing on a team?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I like my bordenball ( it's sort of like European handball)team because when we went to the tornament we were cheering each other on and when somebody got hurt (yes, I was one of them.)we took care of each other. I'm so proud I was part of it!!

@FALLING143, sounds like my brother minus the british part, but he can bench press 550, leg press 820, and squat 700 :)) and he doesn't fence, play football, volleyball, baseball, or discus, or shot-put. Instead he does triple jump, long jump, the 800, the 1600, and he has went to state in all of the track things I just mentioned, and went to state for basketball, and won state soccer 4 years in a row, also went to state for x-country all four years of high school... He's graduated now but he's still pretty awesome cause he snowboards now! XD

OMG Since i was like five years old, i've wanted a british boyfriend, and now I HAVE ONE! HE IS ADORABLE. Anyway, he plays alot of sports. he plays football (soccer) and soccer (football), baseball, basketball,volleyball, runs track and cross country, throws discus and shot-put, and does power lifting. he can bench press 475 pounds and leg press 700 something and squat close to 600, he can curl almost 200 pounds. he dpoes fencing which is moe of a solo sport. comments?

I think the best part of playing on a team is getting exersize, especially if you don't exersize that much.

Polonsky is a girl rite????????? And i've plaid volleyball since kindegarden and am now on varsity i <3 volleyball go woo go blue!!!

i run cross country but i think that is kinda a solo sport even though u r on a team expect i sprained my ankle at the first meet this fall. :(

u arent so stressed about messing up becase you have more people to help u!

i wear glasses and i don't like to take the off so i can see

u get 2 b with ur friends and get 2 meet new people. plus, you get a lot of support.

the best part is that after the game u can become friends with the other players on your team and u work 2gether to score!

I LOVE BASKETBALL but i missed the JV girls basketball tryouts at my school LCA! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I play baskit ball I shoot 3 points I like my friends be cause there to covert me when mess up

I am on a dance team, and it's fun to compete and dance. But the best part is the teammates, who are my best friends in the whole universe!

funisnice- Cool! What team?

Alychicxox-I play hockey too! :)

i really want to be on team ultimate...P.S. it's a gymnastics team, i've been doing gymnastics since i learned to walk! i need to get my backbend down, then backbend kickover, then my back handspring, and front handspring, and backflip, and flip....i have a lot to do before i get on the team (hopefully 4th grade)

Soccers the only sport I've played and it's the best... Although I love hockey, football definitely, xcountry, and track:D

I played tball when I was little and on my pictures and all that jazz, they said my position was a pitcher.. I'm like how the heck do you have a pitcher in tball??!! Weirdos. DUH!! :o

I sorry dont like team sports

I played tball and socer an janastics to I like to play all cins of stof.

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