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Do you do a "solo sport"? What do you like about it? How can other kids get involved?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I LOVE solo sports!I don't do well on a team *bites tongue*. I stink at it :(.

I run a lot, I run when I'm stressed, when I have energy I need to burn, and if I don't run often enough, I get really moody and cranky. I also dance. I've danced for eight years and I'm auditioning for the National Ballet School this year again.

@somegirls, me too! Bouldering is a great way to use your muscles!Running is my favorite thing to do when I have free time.I'm athletic.I only do one team sport, soccer.

no i can do it solo.

I like swimming for many reasons. The first reason is I get to go to the swim meet at the pool in the summer time. When I get in the pool, I do front strokes and back strokes. The best reason in the world is I get to be in the pool during the Special Olympics. This year I won a medal for my back stroke technique. I also got a second medal for my front stroke. I love swimming!

i do volleyball hops i can do over 100 hops just pong the ball and start

I can do Tae Kwon Do. I'm a blue belt, but I recently have had a bench fall on my foot and almost break it. Tae Kwon Do is a GREAT sport!

I'm so awesome at po-going on my pogo stick at home! i can do over 500 hops!

Amber-I love running and bouldering.I run with my local chapter of Girls on the Run every tuesday and thrusday afternoon for 1 hour and on Sundays for 2 hours.I love running as it makes me feel free.I do bouldering every Saturday afternoon with the local adventure club.I love it b/c it is fun and makes me stronger.I love solo sports because I am shy and unpopular.I don't have to worry about getting picked for a big event. Brittnee- I do Yoga at the local studio.I love it because it is noncompetive and soothing.I love doing a solo sport because it is just me.

jumping rope is my solo sport cause you can just relax

I am in like the mathletes at my school but we dont do like on tv. We all go in different rooms and take tests. So that is a solo sport.

It is me AGAIN. As I was saying... You can earn ALOT of money. I have been doing this sport for 6 and a half years! So give this sport a try! I am SPREADIN THE WORD! WAHOO! So give horse taming a try!

Well I play baseball, soccer, tennis, wrestling, and horse taming. I like horse taming the best. Ihorse taming is when you have to pick a state/country out of the three they select for you and then they show you the horses that are in that state/country and then you choose the horse you want to tame/capture. Then all you have to do is sit back and relax and injoy the ride while they take you to the place with TONS and TONS of the SAME breed of horse you chose to tame. Once you arrive at the stop, you have to go and find the gender of the right breed you chose out of the three. Once you have found the gender of the right breed you chose and you do not have to chose a male or a female you can also choose a colt, but once you find the right horse YOU have to tame the horse ALL BY YOURSELF! I never lose. This horse taming sport is a REALY GOOD way to earn ALOT of mo-la-la Money! I have to continue on the next page. :]

uh skier123 you are also here? i did not know?


I Box. It is definitely a solo sport

I do not do any sports,but after reading the blog post about the Oylimpics,I want to tell you about a very amazing Silver Medal Oylipian,Trevor Marsicano.He is a long track speedskater. He was bullied so bad in middle school,he was homeschooled for high school.When he was 15,he faced a life threating injurie.He is an amazing athaleate and an amazing person! At the 2014 witer Olyimpics,Watch for Trevor Marsicano!

I love soccer...it can be a solo sport when you do some soccer exercises that only involve one person...i love soccer when i make goals..its super fun


Kagome9,I don't think sea otters have gills...

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