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Do you do a "solo sport"? What do you like about it? How can other kids get involved?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to bounce a soccerball on my head! :)

I kindia like all of yours

Hi. I love to ride HORSES i love it's my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love gymnastics and dancing. I just got a 10531 score on Just Dance 3. XD

I did ballet when I was about 5 but other than that I haven't done any solo sports.

THat's funnny, mimigurl! You said you dance, and one of my dance teachers is named mimi

Yeah, I'm a dancer. Ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and syllabus

Fencing. If you use saber, it is fun to whip people. Kids can find a place that offers it

I do ballet I satarted At my school last year but a few years ago I did pre Ballet but I have the same teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do dance! I have been dancing since I was in pullups. I dance ballet,tap,jazz,lyrical and pointe.

Solo sports are something I'm a bit more into because no one will criticize you and you can work at your own pace! I run a lot, and I'm slowly improving. I also do flintknapping and primitive skills, and I hike a lot.

What do I do? Well.. Handball,basketball,baseball,soccer, and any kinds of sports! Yes totally! Mostly 90% of the kids get involved.

Does singing count as a sport!!?? :p I love singing!! I'm in my own church band too.. :))

Girls On The Run is a solo sport.Running doesn't require teamwork (Thank goodness!).Girls On The Run inspires girls to get active and live a healthy life :)!

I play a sport, I sing. Other than that, sorry if you take this offensively, I am athletically challenged. I might try out for tennis and cross country because I don't completely stink at those.

i bike ride alot but not as much a few months ago i was in a bike crash and hit my head tour up my knee and twisted my wrist and it still hurts now

I dance and I LOVE it I do tap and jazz.

Gween4489, I do dance, too, but it's not a solo sport to me because I am on a dance team of 5 people and we compete all together! I also do swimming, which is hard but definitely worth it!

I love to dance. And a good way to get involved is to find a local studio and just sign up. My fav. type is ballet.

i kinda hate solo sports sorry. :(

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