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How do you feel about smoking? If someone offered you a cigarette and you didn't want it, how would you turn him or her down?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I almost got pneumonia from my somking neighbors I want them evicted + sued ( I had bronchitis for the third time because of smokers )

Granny's smoking, hate that, started in high school, now: smoking still, looking at ads for " fake smoking cigars " that don't have any tobacco. :(

when you smoke in front of babys is it bad

if people try to offer me a cigarette i would say no and if they call me chicken and still persist i would tell them that i thought they were smarter than that and i don't want to get lung cancer.

Smoking is a bad thing and i hate people that smoke and even kids thats so weird that kids smoke too.

RamonaGirl- 😲

we watched a gross movie about it in health

I think smoking is disgusting, but I know some people are (unfortaunetly) addicted to it and can't stop. It's really bad for your health. It makes your breath/clothes smell bad, it messes up your lungs, and causes all sorts of problems. If someone offered me a cigarette I would shake my head and polietly say, "No, thank you."

I would say "NO. I want to live a healthy life

My Aunt and Uncle smoke. My Uncle I haven't seen in forever he isn't a very good man. But my Aunt, I saw her smoking and when I started asking questions about it she said "Never start smoking it will kill you." She is trying to quit. If someone offered me a cigarette I would say, no thanks I have done alot of research on smoking and it doesn't sound good. Maybe you should try researching it as well and after you look at all the stuff it can do to you, most likely you will change your mind about smoking.

I think smoking is a very bad thing. It can cause problems in your heart. you could get a heart a tack. this is what i think

Im so glad nobody smokes in my family or me but my older sister used to but not anymore she almost got cancer but that was a few years ago but her husband(my brother in-law)smokes like 2 or 1 even more times a day hes trying to quit but he can't........

I would break it to them right away. I would tell them all about how bad it is for your health and I would fully reject them. Smoking is a big deal and I could never EVER say anything good about it. So in a nutshell I would say "No

smoking is BAD!

I THINK that the people like to smoke for some reason or some thing like that is not that their stupid or some thing like that

if anyone asked me to smoke I would say no thanks smoking is bad dont you know that well you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think people are stupid for trying to smoke. It's a choice they make and if they don't do it in an inappropriate environment (doctor's office, zoo, anywhere where kids are), it really is their business. I am not saying that smoking is okay, but just leave the smokers to themselves. You also don't get addicted from one cigarette, it's just that you think, "Hey, that was pretty good," or the same group of smokers comes around and after these occasions happen a few times, you become addicted.

CakeIsStolen/StolenCakes, sounds like the only friend I'll ever have....

i would not ever think about smoking.

If someone asked me if I wanted a cigarette I would say "No thanks,I would like to live, thank you!

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