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What's the toughest part of going through puberty? How do you deal with it?

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Puberty for Boys

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I hate puberty! I'd rather rub dirt in my eyes0_0~

I don't make sence sometimes i am new to this stuff.

No i didn't mean my uncles lol sorry and for a young age 10 almost 11 i have mistaks sorry!

well i am 10 yrs old and going through it.boys are asking me out and puberty makes me want to say yes but i had to stay strong!

jadester helppp more advice

jadester87 i'm afraid can you please be more specific i got hair on my parts cant say and hair on my breasts

wearing a bra is no big deal.... during the day when im wearing one i feel like iM not wearing it.... @CakelsStolen just calm down its okayy i know how you feel

I just got...a bra. I remember a while back I was wanting one, but now I'm thinking, okay, this is not what it was cut out to be. It's a bit tight, a bit itchy, and I don't really even need one. It's just training bra, so I still got a lot of growing to do.

@ferretlover217, Did you say you tried the Smooth Away? I have one and I use it about every 2-3rd week. It works for me but everyone is different. Shaving isn't that bad as long as you use shaving gel or shaving cream. I don't recommend waxing because apparently it hurts really bad. @Jomarch689, I know right! I hate that day also. Especially when you have gym on the first day of your period 0_0 I usually know when my period is coming because the day before I'll get cramps. @jadester87 Are you saying you talk to your uncle about breasts?

I'm really scared about puberty. 0_0 I'm growing pubic hair ( yuck! ) and my breast were tender about a month ago... is that a strong sign.

When you watch a video on your '.' and then it decides to show up and make you have the worst day ever the next day.

I love this website and i will need a bra soon so scary!!!! I wonder what it will be like?

I think I am going in puberty now. I already wear an A bra! I also had this really bad cramp 'down there'. I had to walk with my head pointing forward to ease the pain. And when I changed my underwear the next night the old underwear was a little orange! Not REALLY bloody just barely orangish! I'm scared of puberty! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! :-(

katie54100 don't be afraid pretend your mom is you and you are well you and if you need a bra just tell her and relax i just may ask my mom the same soon (after her boat ride that's 1 week long and i come back on fathers day) just get ready for those periods!

I'm just starting and it stinks when my breast are tender. I can't do many things! I am glad i can talk to all the adults ( aunts,uncles,fathers,mothers,and grands) My best friends understands everything.I think I'm very lucky.

Puberty is like everyone running a mile. There is your position, then some of your friends are in front of you, and some of your friends are even behind you. I, for one, am 13, follow the regular period schedule, and wear a 36A. Some of my friends don't get their period on the schedule, and some, maybe even more. I'm not going to name names, but I think that if one of your friends is ahead of you in puberty, they are likely to be slightly older than you. But my best friends: one is 13 1/2 turning 14 in July, one was 14 June 8th, are behind, and I'm ahead of them, so I guess puberty just happens when it happens. I think size is a matter of it too. Me: Period on schedule, but smaller breasts than some. I'm a little balanced.

Having to change your pads all the time! Especially when I wake up having to wash my underwear - ITS THE FIRST DAY OF MY PERIOD! The worst day of the week. :'(

Thankfully I am finished with puberty, but one of the hardest things was emotions. Hormones cause emotions to go crazy, especially during period week. I found (and still find!) myself yelling and crying at nothing.

I think that the worst part of puberty (for girls) is getting your period. On top of the whole remembering to change your pad and what not, there are cramps too. it just stinks a whole lot.

i think the worst part of puberty is that half of your friends are so far ahead of you, and they make you feel too young, and half of them haven't even started, so you feel too old. This makes you feel like you aren't on the same page as your friends, so things get pretty awkward.

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