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What's the toughest part of going through puberty? How do you deal with it?

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Puberty for Boys

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Hello dear IML'ers! Hope everyone's having a good summer. We have some sad news today. :-( Due to a shift in focus away from tweens, PBS funding for It's My Life updates has been discontinued until further notice. This includes moderating the You Said It pages. It's devastating to us at IML because we love what we do. We fought hard to keep these pages available to you guys who rely on them and make them so great, and haven't given up yet. We're still out there, looking for more funding. In the meantime, no new YSI posts will be approved, unfortunately. We hope that changes soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay in touch! Any questions, email us at itsmylife@pbs.org and we will do our best to answer.

Bras is somthing getting use 2

I know girls get discharge and wonder if there period is coming next.wellit doesnt happen like that all the time i am 12 and before i got my period i had discharge for a year! I was waiting for ever!nothing to be scared of though!:)

Izzykid60: Trust me, before u get ur first period, you wish for it to happen. But after it happens, you will become like all of us "Puberty Veterans", and you will start dreading every month.

Greencloud10, That is totally normal! Just ask your mom for a bra! That's the case with me too! It was awkward at first asking her but then we went out right away to get one. Freak15, Around 5th grade. That's when I learned it.

puperty does not gross me out

1234Hanna206- im guessing Hanna is your name. Well guess what?!?!?! Thats my name too! its spelled the same way! p.s ur awesome!

I have got my first bras yay!!!

What grade do we start learning about puperty? Please tell me!

OwHi.!I got this really bad cramp on my side right now.


The worst thing is growing breasts.It feels like your paralyzed.

Hey I'm 11 and 5' 4" and I weigh 118 and wear a 34 "barely C" (my mom told me that exists! i still need to buy some bras that size- im still wearing 34 B). I have gotten my period and it's about regular. I'm just here to give advice to you guys. By the way, having your period is not scary. Annoying and gross, yes, scary, no. Bras, for those of you who don't wear them yet, aren't uncomfortable at all. If you need advice, just ask.

I have a ton of new bras lol and i have a book to get started ask me anything! I love this web site.

i think there's smthing wrong with me. I'm 13 and fully developed, and i'm starting 2 get curves and stuff, and puberty is going the way it should be except for one thing: no period. I've had discharge for a year now but still nuthing. I hope i get it by the time I'm 14 cuz i just want it 2 come. :\

Um guys? My oft breast is bigger than my right one and yeah..... Any advice?

History123, I think so, since ur tall. It sounds healthy, but I'm the same height as u & 105 lbs. then again, I'm skinny, so I think ur @ a healthier weight than me.

freak15- not sure, b/c I got my 1st period @ age 10. Everyones different, so it depends. Btw, I'm skinny too. ;)

cybers3- wow, u kinda sound like me. I'm 11 turning 12 in a month. My bay is the day the Olympics start!! XD anyway, I'm around 5' 3" and could probably pass for a 13 or 14 yr old. So yeah, dont talk to me about averages either.

I just got my first two bras!!! But I don't wear a 30 A I wear a traing sports bra! My BFFS have 32 A !! What do I do,school is starting soon and they will talk about sizes of bras and pieriods and pubrty. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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