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What's the toughest part of going through puberty? How do you deal with it?

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Puberty for Girls

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Here's what other kids had to say:

bradfea, my bf is black nd im wite he was very nervous to ask me out,you jux gotta ovrcome yo fear if she says no then she prolly missing out on a very nice guy nd thts her loss stay strong and confident, things will work out

bradfea, My boyfriend is Puerto Rican and I am white.. I think you should ask her anyway, the worst she can say is no. If you don't ask her, your whole life you wil be wondering what she would have said and how your life would be like if you did. My bf liked me in 9th grade (I didn't even know him then) and he was nervous for the same reason you are. along with a few other reasons. But he waited till 10th grade to even say hi to me.. So you have to always do what you want to do. You will think about it your WHOLE life if you don't. Hope I helped.. =)) Do what you think is right!!

The toughest part of puberty for me was getting a few zits, but for some kids in my grade it was definitely being behind in development. Where I live, kids go through puberty earlier than in The States- I just turned 13 and I'm 6'2'' with hair practically all over my body, but I went to LA the other month over summer break (different hemispheres) and I went swimming with some family friends and they were all older than me but still practically hairless and about a foot shorter than me. I'm about average height and weight for kids my age and adults in Australia. The BEST part of puberty was definitely the strength spurt.

I'm Chinese (very embarassed) and I like a white girl. If I ask her out, she will probably say no because I am Chinese and she isn't. What should I do?

I think she suspects that i like her and she kind've acts nicer to me than before i started hinting her.

13yearold, like I've said to a few other people, my over 2 years boyfriend liked me ever since freshman year. BUT.. I didn't even know him until 10th grade. He wanted to ask me out but he was nervous and embarrassed to ask. So take the chance, ok? You never know what you will miss.. like me, I missed a whole year that I coould have been with someone I liked just by looking at him.. Don't be embarrassed, ok? =) Good luck with your decision.. I hope I helped a little..

I really like this girl in one of my classes. I feel too embarrassed to ask her out. Any suggestions? thanks!

29693, I was a bit of a popular person while my bf was a bit of a nerd. And when he asked me he actually texted it because he was nervous because I was popular. We have been together for 2 years and 3 months as you can see below. So sometimes texting questions like that is a good thing.. It was for me at least.. =))

Ok I am a guy and i want to ask a girl out but she is popular and thinks i am a nerd but she is in all the advanced classes with me. Anybody got an idea?

Snapdragon, I was nervous about that too when I was going to tell my bf I liked him.. But after I told him, something embarrassing happened to me t hat I am not going to mention.. But if he really does like you, then he will not care if you embarrassed yourself, he will understand that these moments happen to everybody.. It MAY make him a bit uncomfortable at first, but if he likes you he will get used to it.. Look at me.. I had a lot of embarrassing moments while I was with him, and we've been together 2 years and 3 months tomorrow. So don't be nervous. Force yourself to do it without being nervous. =) If he doesn't understand or is really uncomfortable, he is not worth your time.. At all.. Hope I helped.. =)Don't worry boys.. I am not looking at your guys' posts. I just skim the names for people I know from other topics that are girls.. =) I like to help answer questions.. :p

@2biscuit1000 you sound like a stalker when you say sign notes anonymous! if you REALLY like her...than dont be embaressed! CHANCES ARE SHE LIKES YOU TOO. ITS BETTER TO ADIMIT TO HER FACE THAN HIDE BEHIND FACELESS NOTES.

I get embarassed because i get erections all the time and peop;le see it through my pants


okay, so I'm a girl. How do I tell the guy I like that I like him without making him (or me) uncomfortable? Is weird for a girl to ask a guy out?

My crush is popular, but sits with the unpopular kids. My friends always tell me that if I go out with her, I'll be unpopular. I want to, though. P.S. I just read Gender Blender and found out that she did too. Freaky.

@irule01 No my friend im afraid you way off track.

spencer24189, she may not like you back, so be careful. if she's popular, you may just want to try to get over her. if she's not popular, try to tell her you like her secretly, like sending her notes with poems on them, signed "anonymous"

I have an erection almost the entire day.

Im 13 and have been going through it for 3 years, the bad part is that everything i found out was from google.

hey if you guys need help with anything i'm here for you, i have a little bit more experience i guess so just ask me anything.

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