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Do you think there's too much pressure in the media to look a certain way?
--From Julia, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Alright... I confess that I only eat about 600 calories every day because I seriously want to look like a child celebrity in a movie. To everyone in my school, I'm known as a stick or twig, but I can't stand things like fried chicken, McDonalds, or fast food. Most of what I eat are snacks and frozen Marie Calander and Baquent meals- never Hungry Man like everyone else in my family will eat.

Maddie8509- I'm so sorry!

@maddie8509....aww im soory 4 ur lost i hope u fill better soon just remember that she always withu and always loves u and shell always be watching u :)

i would have to say yes because sometimes you try to make yourself like other people so that there will be no pressure on you instead of just being yourself.

my grandma past away sunday feburary 30

my glasses are so cute tommorow im gona miss school cuz i have a trip to the i doc agien aaaa i forgot how to spell agien aigen aa what ever if need new glasses i am just gonna get the lens poped out cuz i loooove my frames cute three flowers violit and the lens are all messed up but adorable.names ALISA in case u no mee iv had glasses since what kinder long time ago now 1st grade very one whith glasess we rock my little bro is the only on in the hole family whith no glasses. i have a lot to say but read it all.

Ok RAMONIE >;) yes I meant him. I can't spell it on her because the iPad is spell checking it to ballet.

Who said being stick thin was so beautiful anyways? I always liked "That's so Raven" because Raven (I forget her real name.) made a point of telling people that you didn't have to be skinny to be famous. I think her opnion is correct and that people should just be good actors/actresses and not have to worry about being Hollywood barbie doll beautiful and stick thin. To be honest I'm getting tired of all the Hollywood beautifulls I want someone with an amazing personality who's a good person. If they're a good person, who cares if they're not beautiful and stick thin?

YES!!! It seems like everyone is agreeing with the media. It's really sad that such an influential source agrees with some of the things that aren't very good.

@1nancydrew1: OMG NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT I SOOOOOO AGREE! (ok I have to admit though, he CRACKS ME UP! Im so ashamed!)

Yes! It seems like a lot of shows are being like "Wear this if u want to be cool" or something. If Im being 100% honest, I think its stupid. God made u fearfully and wonderfully!

1nancydrew1, everyone calls Ramonie on here now. LOL, you can call me it, though. ;) I think you're talking about Bahjeet from Phineas and Ferb. Sorry, I'm a bit of a Perry fanatic.... xD

idk a good trick question

yes because it does not matter how fat or skinny u have to b 2 b on a show and u dont have to b a certain color to go some place specail its jus not right 4 colored and heavy set ppl

hi im in 10th grade and i would say no cuz they dont know ur password :)

To an extent.

I am so with you.

I watch Disney with my sister sometimes. I don't exactly hate it.

totally, it's like you have to look a certain way or you're considered weird and if talk a certain way you're wierd to this happens a lot inmy skool and i totally hate it.

well i know a lot of kids tease me cause im from a diffrent country.But i think im nice.

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