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Do you think there's too much pressure in the media to look a certain way?
--From Julia, 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

of course im 126.4 lb and amber is like 80 lb i soooooo want to be like her. clothes arent a problem at school we where UNIFORMS!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

well yea cuz there are no fat people in ads so there is a lot of pressure for girls to look skinny (btw i know my username is nathan, but I'm a girl)

Yeah. In my opinion, most of the media is stupid and kids should not be allowed to watch it. I think Disney channel is a prime example of how the media negatively influences kids.

Andrea2196, you're right. The media has this ideal person that one should be like or else they won't to be accepted. One has to be careful when they read, hear, or see something in the media today. You know the media never used to be this bad with the ideal person and the 'right' clothes and 'listening to the right band' in the ads back in the late 1900s? the ads were a lot shorter than they are now.


What's wrong with trying not to be fat? It bothers me when people say things like "Don't change your weight" If you're unhealthy, you might want to try slimming down a little.

totally! some girls believe the media, but they shouldn't! their messages are probably payed for so people could go by make up. i think its something like that at least. and besides, girls should be proud of how they look, no matter what the media or anyone else says. :)

yes! I feel pressyred to be really skinny and to have the best clothes at school. whoever say no must be fibbing a little bit.

RamonaGirl eating that little a day is bad for your body. you could eat a ton of food and still be as thin as you are now as long as it is healthy and you workout. washi out, peace\/

heck yah!!! you weigh 111 you weigh to much you weigh 110 your on the verge of weighin to much...tooo much pressure

I know some kids are soooooooooo depressed that some commit suiside... ...skip the drama ask a parent or adult.

@mou: Why aren't there any fat people in advertisements?!?!?!?!?!

yes but its what u make of it

decembersuns, you ok?

yes, but sometimes you need to overlook all of that and be yourself. i've heard so many songs about being yourself and how you should happy that you are who you are. this really helped me at school, and now i am no longer paranoid about how i look- don't let vanity take over!

Well Julia thats a really great question.It took me a while to think of an answer.But finally I thought of one and I think it really what they takled about.I hoped I helped.Over and out,5y5y5y

I was pressured about my test. I wish I pass my test easy way!

Yes. Deffo! Just my opinion dudes!

YES!! There is. When I was little I wanted to be just like the media...not gonna happen. There's also a lot of pressure between my older a younger sister. My 18-year-old sister is BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS! Also, she helps out at recess at my school, one girl didn't believe she was my sister cuz she's too "pretty". My mom is CONVINCED that my younger sis is "stick thin" and "super skinny" and "lanky". I measured both of us just to see and SHE'S, LIKE, AN INCH SMALLER THAN ME!!! BTW, I'm 11 and she's 9. Me and my sis, Payton, share cloths, so either she's really tall, I'm really small, or both. I mean, my mom hates when I say we're the same size. It's really annoying! Once, when she was droning on about how skinny Payton was, I asked what I was. She said "Oh, you're normal-sized," then went back to droning on about how skinny Payton is. MY MOM IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!

no not at all

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