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Have you lived with a serious and/or long-term illness? How did you deal? What's your advice for others?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Remember how I aske y'all to pray for that sweet little miracle boy earlier? Well,he's been getting headaches...MIRE PRAYER PLEASE! He is soooo sweet and innocent...

lalaland310- I understand the whole anxiety. Sometimes I'll be in the store, and I have to go sit in the car, because I don't want to look retarded and sit out on the floor. I hate that feeling you get in your chest. I have it right now. :(

I have dyslexia, so it is hard for me to write things.

Sometimes I don't notice I'm supposed to remember something when time is passing...I also have really good comprehension for quizzes. :-) (only not for when I read aloud–––only for reading independently). Isn't this weird? And my lungs feel like they can take in more air but they are choosing not to. Or it is just that I have MAJOR phlegm issues in my throat that my parents WILL NOT look into it and it's getting more worse and worse everyday. X'O

I'm diagnosed with anxiety.. Ugh, it's so annoying. I have to take therapy, and it helped me a lot. Also, I'm on medication, so I don't have much anxiety. Although, the anxiety has interfered with my social anxiety (Yeah, horrible I know.) And it's so bad, I'm probably the most shy person in the world. Ugh, it's really, really horrible. My advice for others is to always GET HELP when you feel stressed or have any type of anxiety (Or other illnesses) because it gets worse if you don't (trust me, it does.) ^^

I had a tumor sort of thing above my eye but it wasn't cancerous. It was just a little extra carbon and fat (which is funny because I am really thin and have almost no excess fat). It had to be removed surgically.

CowChow-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

@Rajdeep07: It's probably just a birthmark, when you're older if it still bothers you you can probably get it removed.

@Radjeep: That's perfectly normal. It's just your heritage. If it concerns you, talk to your parents.

I have asthma...basically makes breathing difficult until I take my inhaler.

Ohhhhh! Brooklyn1186! I feel horrible for Aly! Next Wedsneday (and every other day) shes in my prayers! Ps: do you believe in Jesus??? I do!!!

I have this weird line on my nail....LOL...It just showed up one day....it's a beauty mark.

RamonaGirl--Wow!!! Come to think of it we are quite alike...(O.o) *walks into wall* OW! No wait I'm fine but I think my nose fell off...Hold on a sec while I duct tape it back on...

Rajdeep, I've seen that on a few Indian boys. I think it looks rather cool! :) Are you in Middle School or anything like that?

I do not have an "illness" but there are black patches on my right leg. It feels like normal skin but it doesn't look good. Doctors cannot identify the thing, every doctor says that it is a 'new case'. They say it can be removed only by plastic surgery. I have no problems with it whatsoever because I am a soccer player and I mostly use my right leg to shoot the ball. The only problem with it is that it does't look good. ---From India. Age:12

@Brooklyn1186: I prayed for you cousin :) I hope she gets better.

Anna-Marie, Wha?? LUCKY !! My school has Ski Trips, too. Except it's in Snow Valley. In Canada. In Alberta. In Edmonton. Oh, you got it. Okay. So yeah..it happens every Monday, but in the first trip I, um..hmm..I'll do it simple way. Agh-egm. Agh-em. "BOOM!! CRASH! OUCHIE!! Oh, come upstairs. Here's ice. OUCH! NOT CRYING! JUST PAIN! I NOW HAVE A CAST! NO SURGERIES YET! FINE NOW! EXCEPT I CAN'T DANCE!" There. :DD -- ♥ to ya, Anna-Marie ! ☺

I have hyperhidrosis. Does anyone else? It is awful!!! it effects what i wear, how comfortable I am around people, my self confidence! EVEYTHING! And unless i want botox injections, i don't know what to do. I use Secret and the scent is Sexy Intrigue. I also think there is something else. Because when it is cold, i get this really dry patch at the center of my throat so then i start swallowing a lot and can't stop so then i start gagging and then i start to throw up. I can't help it and i don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions besides go to the doctor?

Ferretlover! READ THIS NOW!! YOU AND I MUST BE LONG LOST SISTERS! Seriously, I just tripped on myself today when I was just one foot away from my sixth period classroom, and everyone was like, 'ARE YOU OKAY?' but I just went straight back up. But then came gym and my legs were behind my head in yoga.

I have Diabetes and I have a 2 year old cousin who is battling cancer at the moment. please keep her in your prayers (Her name is Aly)

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