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Have you lived with a serious and/or long-term illness? How did you deal? What's your advice for others?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Scoliosis but the doctors say its not severe... ('-')

No, but I have really bad anxiety and my mom made me quit LLLC for the year already because I always went home. and I this isn't an illness but you know when you're a baby you're heart is kind of separated? well mine's still like that. to put it easier, I have a hole in my heart. I never notice, I mean I get chest pains about once a month. the cool part is you get to see echos (like ultrasounds when women have babies) of your heart ALL THE TIME!

I am right brained and autistic! It does not seem possible but it is!

I have Atopic Dermetitus, which is a skin disorder (it's really not gross though it just means you don't have pigment on part of your arms and you're all white there) and it's supposed to affect the way you learn for some reason, but I'm pretty smart. I just hate how the docters say stuff like that. How is a skin disorder going to affect how smart I am?

I have an autistic spectrum disorder. I'm very solitary, and I pause between letters, and I can become extremely obsessed with stuff. (I am currently obsessed with The Hunger Games) However, I'm super smart, and a visual learner.

I have asthma and i'm all ways sick for a reasoon

RamonaGirl, Yea...Maybe we were all switched at birth?? Like, we went to the wrong people.

I have ocd. If you have ocd and anyone asks you why you do things tell them you have ocd and your proud of it.

I have crooked teeth and eczema :(

I'm getting scared on how similar we are, my sisters. LOL.

no but last week i had strup trout

Panda, Ramonie, I swear, we HAVE to be sisters. I can't do oral presentations that good. I have crooked teeth (only on the front), which makes it very difficult. O.o

I know how you feel, kwpopstar. >.<

deslove: PRAY.

I have asthma, i run out of breath really fast and i have three inhalers i have to use, one for emergencies, one for every day, and one for when i have colds, i have to go to the hospital regularly for check ups and tests.

I sort of studder. My speech isn't good, I get made fun of. No one understands me. I can't say things right, and when I try, I keep on studdering...And studdering...And studdering...

My friend naway was born with out her legs she's been feeling real down lately I don't know what's going on she's usely accsective of having no legs what's happen to cheerful naway?

i have ADHD (attention deficit hyper disorder) and i hate having sadly i will have it for the rest of my life and there is no way to get rid of it plus i am so squimy in my chair and i am awlays getting distrated verry easy and then start thing about something elese and then when the teacher is done talking i'm like what did she just say?? because i got distrated from something in the classroom and that part of having ADHD plus i have dislexia so it is verry hard to read and it took me along time to type this letter but for most of you people out threre i bet it would da took you about ten mintues to type this

Hey redwaves me too! It's a white oval that is growing out with my nail.

Not really, but I feel like I have anorexia because whenever I eat, my stomach gets big, and it looks bad, I also feel like I have dyslexia because I sometimes get my words and letters mixed up. -.-

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