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Do you have any healthy eating habits you’re proud of? Do you have any unhealthy habits you wish you could change?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

To be honest im not fat but i do sneak 2 or 3 gronala bars at night but ive handed it

I eat a lot...I'm not the healthyest but I dont mind because I like to be chubby.

I want to eat healthyer but when I actualy think of dieting,its not worth it.

Problem: My medicine makes me hungry ALL THE TIME. When I eat I sometimes never feel full, or I make myself sick. Any tips on how not to eat so much?

Alychicxox, oh dear gawd DO NOT get apple slices and caramel come near me.... I've been a bit of a saltine cracker addict for an hour. .w.

I love apple slices dipped in caramel!!!

no well some times i waste food when i don't like it and when i'm sick and when i'm full and when my mom let's me!

I just took a quiz called "Do you have a sweet tooth?" Here's the results: You're a sugar fiend! Call the dentist–you might want to check for cavities. Halloween is likely your favorite holiday and you probably own an entire pillowcase filled with candy. It’s your law that every meal must end with dessert or it will not be considered complete. :*

Well, I gave up McDonalds and fast food recently. I was on Yahoo Answers when they said they found blood in their McFlurry. I said to myself, "There is NO way I'm going to eat that, no matter how my puberty cravings *-_- They seriously get annoying a lot, because I can barely have what I want!* say. I, also for some strange reason, hate plenty of meat where some people tease me as a vegatrian. I am not one, or a vegan, no offense to them, but most meats I find appaling when you find out what they are. Same with milk...

i love fast food and all itaian and my religian food spanish i loooove to cook and everone love my cooking :)

It's ok to have unusual eating habits and/or be picky. I hate burgers and tacos, and eat my chips with taco sauce and won't eat anything with nuts. And RamonaGirl, lots of people have been saying this, but you need a lot more calories! A preteen (11-14) should have at least 2x that amount.

@RamonaGirl- Only 600? Is that per meal, or per day...? 600 calories, if you think about it, is a very small amount... there are all kinds of websites that can help you figure out how many calories, and carbs, you should be consuming everyday based on your age, and weight. And if I offended you, I didn't mean it... Have a nice day. ^-^

I eat a lot of ice cream and Oreos and other unhealthy food but I can't help it, I crave it. But I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and fish which is good for you.

good is food tasty I love it, but if you don't that's ok. and it help's me to, now that's the best both worlds!

CowChow-I agree! I think the world is going mad!!!

RamonaGirl- You need more than 600 calories! You will develop an eating disorder. If you are aproximatly 5'0, you'd need a total of about 1,200 calories each day, and should way in at about 100-114 pounds. its okay if you were to weigh a little more, but i can assure you, 600 calories a day, most certainly ISNT healthy.

I don't need healthy eating habits.. I can eat all the junk food that I want and I won't get any bigger.. SO YAY!! :))

My maximum for calories is usually 600..... all the sodas my mom buys are diet, and my stomach gets full pretty fast from things like pancakes and oatmeal, and so I eat two or three 'meals' every day. Like today, I said that my breakfast were two sets of cinammon toast waffles at six PM, and then I always consider snacks meals, so my snack was five chips ahoy cookies, plus two cups of diet soda, an hour later.

I love vegetables,and that is awesome! Those vegetables are so yum. @CowChow,maybe eat raisins a lot at lunchtime and then your body might get used to them! I love raisins.

RamonaGirl, you hate BACON AND CHOCOLATE? No offense, but u iz nuts!

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