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Do you have any healthy eating habits you’re proud of? Do you have any unhealthy habits you wish you could change?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I have huge thighs. (x It makes my skirts shorter because of them though. which stinks. :l but oh well.

I am not that skinny and i have big legs but i am healthy

I love fruits (apples, bananas, grapes, cherries) and mixed vegatables are pretty good! But I like carbs, so I sometimes eat unhealthy ones (butterbread, gram crackers). But I usually eat well :)

you should always eat apples, bananas, oranges, watermelon, and if you don't like this it is alright if you do add me as a friend my name is braydyn2011. thanks

Brocoli dipped in ranch dressing!!:)

I'm a vegetarian by the way. (:

Ramen- I don't understand why you need to eat when you aren't hungry. >.<

My eating habits aren't healthy. I don't eat too much, it's the opposite. I don't want to be super skinny, I'm just never in the mood to eat more than a few tortilla chips and spicy salsa. I drink teas and water. If i try to drink pop, i only drink a sip. it doesn't taste too good anymore. Nothing does. I spit out my food.

I just sent that, i pressed the wrong button. ._. anyways, so its not that i eat too much, i eat too little. I don't want an eating disorder again, i'm just never in a good enough mood to eat. I think my depressions coming back .

Most of the time, I just eat a bagel for breakfast. It fills me up, and isn't too sugary. Plain bagels are kinda gross, so I put cream cheese on toasted ones!

RamonaGirl, you might be weak because you don't eat that much. I eat all the time but I'm really skinny because I do gymnastics.

I am vegatarian. It is easy. And for some reason I crave brown rice crackers and bannanas.

My boyfriend always gets mad at me because he says that I should eat more for lunch than a salad.

Im adicted to my vitiman tablets lol i dont know why

RandomNinja, DX TELL ME ABOUT IT! Everyone says I'm too skinny, especially today >_<.. I don't usually get hungry, but seriously, my "friends" keep saying, "EAT EAT EAT! You haven't eaten in seven hours!" I don't like eating, but most of the time my body's too darn weak in the first place to eat an entire balanced breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.

i Hate it when people gasp and say "Everyone! Sophie Ate A Peice Of Chocolate!" whenever i eat a tiny unhealthy thing, because im really healthy normally.

I try not to eat lots but sometimes there is just room in my stomach and I end up eating more than I should. I think my habbits are pretty healthy,other than that.

@Disneyluvr: Trying chewing a piece of gum whenever you start to feel hungry between meals. That's what I sometimes do.

My family is staging an "Intervention" deal, because apparently, I'm like 20 pounds under weight. They think I'm starving myself! D: Why should I eat when I'm not hungry...? 3:

i am proud of eating grapes. yes, i wish i could change me eating alot of junk food when we get sometimes, because i think that i kinda eat alot.

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