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Do you have any healthy eating habits you’re proud of? Do you have any unhealthy habits you wish you could change?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I eat lots of fruits and vegtables and so,I have a good diet and I eat very well

I have made pretty good choices in life when it comes to food. Once, I specially asked for spinach and feta cheese salad as a first day of school breakfast!

i love food i eat 13 hour a day but im so sciny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i eat a lot...even know sometimes i am not hungry the food just taste to good. any suggetsions!

I'm making a deal with myself that if I eat healthy for a month I will do whatever I want or eat.Try that.

thank you guys, who needs health advice i will do anything to help virtuel friends i am open

@NOUNOU123 your BMI is normal

Well I don't eat red meat anymore which is good, but as I'm typing this I'm eating a caramel apple lollipop. I need to eat less sugary/processed food.

merpeople just ask your parents to stop buying unhealthy food and tell the that we have a bad food habit and then post me to tell me what happend

merpeople,why don't you motivate them to buy healthy items?Get facts and put them in a power point and present it to them!Power points are PERSUASIVE!

I wish I could eat healthier because my bmi says I'm obese. I guess it's how I was built.I don't look very big and my doctors don't say anything but I know I'm not the healthiest 9 year old. it's not even my fault! My parents are always buying unhealthy things. And when I try to eat healthier I slip up. Could anybody give me some type of tips. :)

@RamonaGirl, about your post about the blood in the McFlurry on page 2, 2 things might of happened. 1. The guy/girl who was making the McFlurry might have got a cut and blood got in it. 2. The guy/girl might be lying on Yahoo Answers just to make McDonald's look bad.

NOUNNOU123- your bmi is normal.

when i was little i ate at McDonalds...i therw up i hate it now

RamonaGirl,I don't know why you do,but I'm glad to hear it!

O______o I think I love you, FlutterShyYo.

RamonaGirl, BLOOD IN A MCFLURRY!?I'm not surprised...I never liked McDonalds.

I'm proud to say drink that I crave tea!And I hate flavored water and soft drinks due to the following:It can remove the enamel from your teeth!And it can't come back.So it makes vulnerable you more to gingivitis,which can kill you!!Just thought I'd share that,same goes for soda & coffee.@RamonaGirl,eww!Blood in a Mcflurry?I never really liked Mcd's much anyway,last time I went there fat-filled grease leaked out of my french fries!


Who can mesure my bmi, i am 4 1/2 feets and i weight 82 pounds, i am a girl and i am 10 years old.

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