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How much exercise do you get each week? Do you wish you had more time for it?
--From Skye, 13

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I'm 9 and 67 lbs. So yeah, I'm on the skinny side.

I am on a fitness program on Just Dance 3. Oh. I just re-calculated my BMI and I am not overweight, I'm actually 40%, which is right in the middle. Now I can relax.

I do quite a lot of exersise and most of it comes from after-school activities and I admit Your Shape:Fitness Evolved too.I make exersise time by not watching a lot of TV. I wish I could be on the computer less though after school. I'm on the computer much less in the holidays!

I walk with my friends about once a week,but not cuz I think I'm fat ... unless being fat means 80 pds at age 11 ...

I dance 3 classes, but I spend most of the restof my time on teh computer or in a book.

24 hours every week. I work out a lot. 3 and a half hours at the gym every day. And if not everyday, i do 7 hours for one day.

So I do not excercise very much, but I am a tiny little thing at eighty pounds.

I play Aussie Rules Football and I'm really great at rugby.

I try I really do... But I cant...

I don't exercise and I don't need to.. :)) I'm small and healthy enough already.. a little.. I guess.. If being 95 pounds at 17 is normal.. :/

i exercise in a year i do jumping jack,yoga,swimming,dance, and playing ball it cool it help your body and it help me run faster not faster fastest i do have more time at home to play ball i exercise at a park or on the side walk.walking on the steet is geart it can have bone.if you swaet it mean you were working hard to do this yeah i do that all the time.when it my first day of swimming i dove all the way down the dojutwn i sill have time because i can do it anywhere it true karate too. i ride my bike anywhere not home the steet

i dont but i wish i had more time to

I do dance for an hour and a half on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, and swimming before school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. I also have dance competitions and swim meets on the weekend. Dance is a workout, but swimming is much harder.

i exercise only on monday,wensdays,thurdays

I don't have exercise time but I wish I did have time.

I try to go to my soccer park to jog (It has a half-mile long white pavement path) every Friday.And I also have soccer Monday and Wednesday.And I'm starting to try to go to my local rock-climbing place every Tuesday.I can't be lazy.I can't stand being called fat!

normally running and wii fit. lol

I don't really exercise that much but I have a 2-story house so I go up and downstairs like 6 times a day not to do exercise to do different things

The only way I pretty much exersize is by playing wii fit.

Hey, I'm perty proud of my exercise time! Before we start P.E. at school, everyone has to walk/run/jog a mile. I just mostly run and jog, but I have to slow down sometimes for my new girlfriend, and hey i'm also proud to say we got together when we were almost 13, (about a week from my birthday)

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