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How much exercise do you get each week? Do you wish you had more time for it?
--From Skye, 13

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i have a question. please dont make fun of me but i am over weight, not obeesed, overweight. im 10 years old,girl, im 4 foot 11, and weigh 134 pounds. acctulay my legs are toned:), my thighs are big. i have thunder thighs all my weight goes to my belly(that is a fun word) but my question is that well i play kickball and/or run outside for 1 and a half hours. I ride my bike for 2 hours and sometimes play wii fit plus. But its hard for me to loose weight! i eat balenced meals. whay is this? i hardly ever eat deserts! it may be because i eat fast, but i haved slowed down! i just get depressed rom my body and i feel alone sometimes. that is because like almost all the girls at my school are rather tall and skinny and pretty or short(not being mean), skinny and pretty. except my friends(there are only 3, Me, Krista and Jazzy) i apprecitate you reading! and sometimes i get so upset about it i feel that i am not pretty & useless:(

I Run Everyday For At Least 3 Miles!

i really wish i got more exersize and i never thought about i like that?

I am on the soccer team and I do two laps around the field and I run from the back of the school to the front & back w/o stopping. I do that 5 times a week.I run sometimes on the weekend. I do need more time for it I am the worst runner on my team!!!

i don't, at all. My mom says i'm to skinny. That's true, because you could almost see my rib cages!! >W<

twice a week. Yes, I would had more time of it because instead of exercise,

I get a lot of exercise!! I don't need more time for it!!

I am homeschooled, so I get up early every day to go to the Y to excercise with my Mom. I usally run 2 miles and do yoga classes that are offered there. I also swim yearound for YOTA, and I also play on a girl's volleyball team twice a week!

I exercise everyday and play sports when I can.

I jump on the Trampoline All week 2 hours. Go to Football training on Wednsdays and Thursdays1 hour and a 1/2.Go Fencing on Tuesday1 hour and a 1/2.Tennis on Sundays 30 minutes.

I work out at the gym every day, no matter what, I am soo fat! I weigh 60 pounds, I need to lose at least 5 pounds! I want to wear a bikini this summer!!! 👙

I get about 30 minutes or so every week. I know it's not much but I'm trying to get more . It's just that I don't have much time now that school's started.

Sometimes I feel like I am teased because kids find me fat .my friends say not to worry but it hurts a lot.

Yea everytime i go to p.e. the coaches give me a little bit of time.


I swim and ride bike a lot. I hardly play video games unlike my brothers... I think I have a good exercise plan. Don't you?

I get exertsize twice a week; during softball practice. Sometimes I wish I could get more exersize.

i love to dance and swim :D thats how i get my exercise

I do five sit-ups every day.That may not sound like much,but hey,there's only a certain number of times someone can hit the snooze button...;D

I take dance classes, but I'm a bit lazier on non dance-days :p. But I try to exercise on the other days. Overall, I think I get a fairly good amount of exercise every week.

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