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Have you ever wanted to diet? Why?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I'm on the Mediterranean diet which is mostly plant based and fish based, you can only have meat dairy and sweets for special occasions. There is not calorie counting, just healthy eating. I just started yesterday though.

my friend has anorexia.My other friend(who is also her friend)and I told her mom and shes getting help.There was a 6th grader at my school who died from bulimia she had been doing it for 3 years she was 10!

People always say, "Wow! I wish I was as thin as YOU." Which annoys me, because all I do is eat right and DO STUFF, Shouldn't YOU be doing that too?

My BMI is 20.8


jdshorse- I was 102 pounds in 5th grade, and I was only like, 4'9. I'm 14 now and i'm 112 at 5'2. You're fine. Not fat at all.

xxcoolda, i measured your bmi and it was 14.7 which is below the 5th percintile

when i was littl elike 7 i had anorexia. i didnt cont coloris but i barely eat. my mommy forced me to eat and i got ouyt of aneroxia i also didnt eat fat foods swets just ve ggies like a carrot per day because at school i was called fat i llve her for saving my life.

im a vetegariean

my BMI is 16.7

GRRR I used to be healthy weight for 4'6 (63 - 77) but then I grew 4 inches since 4th grade (I'm in 5th). Now I'm 4'10 and 73. The healthy weight for 4'10 is 85 - 103, GRRRRRR

I want to diet because at school, that's a reason why I'm made fun of, even though I'm about 100 lbs. and a 5th grader.

am i healthy or underweight for 64 lbs.

i just measured my bmi, it was 17.6. it said i was underweight.

man, seallover im 10 and 75 pounds,p.s. your parents are right.

Peachgirl,you want to diet? Simple! Just eat on a maybe 2000 calories a day diet,exercise at least an hour a day,and don't make eating sweets a habit.

I used to be self consious. I used to hurt myself. But I stopped. Now my depressions coming back, it's not like I want to be anorexic again, I just don't eat as much anymore. I'm never in the mood to. I've lost about 5 pounds in the past month, and sometimes i wonder what it would be like to hurt myself again. :l counceling isn't really helping either.

@peachgirl988 With the running problem, try running for short periods at a time, and then walk when you get tired. Then switch back to running, so on and so forth. You can even ask someone to go with you for support (if wished). But if you get tired that easily, I would tell an adult because that MIGHT be a problem (but I don't know)

ramonie look below

gosh,silverstine714 your 12 and 62 lbs im 10 and a half and 70 pounds.

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