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Have you ever wanted to diet? Why?

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Stupid girls, stupid girls, stupid girls... maybe if I act like that, the guy might like me back." Oh my Gosh. My life, right here. I really don't want to be a part of this. "Where, oh, where, have the smart people gone? Where, oh, where, can they be?"

I hate headaches from all of my habits.

I went on the BMI calculator and it said I'm overweight by like 7 lbs. If I lose about 10 I'll be in the normal weight for my height, so my next mission is to lose 10-15 lbs

It really all depends on how tall you are. 90 pounds might sound like a lot to some of you but if you're 5'4 that's really, really skinny. So only diet if you really need to, not just when you're embarrased to say you weigh a certain amount. It's not about your weight, it's about you're height, the way it looks, and how you feel.

gosh silverstine714, youre that skinny,i cant even fit into skinny jeans cause im 70 lbs.

Merpeople, my brothers the exact same, and he is overweight. Maybe it would healthy if you ate right, excercise and just be a healthy person

@1nacydrew1 why do you hate it if they were saying "your to skinny u need to eat more," than yea but they're not so I, ean I am an skinny but I real just don't eat much cause I'm not hungry alot

Oh, how I feel just like Everybody's Fool. By far. I pretend to be fine. I really do. But everyone says I'm getting more and more skinny. Fat= 77 pounds. Large= 85. Titanic=94.

i want to diet because i have extra fat on my tummy and i dont like that fat even if i have a normale body weight i really hate extra fat, who has tips for me to lose extra tummy fat, the person who helps me i will help him if it fat and wants to lose some extra fat or the contrery ok virtual friends

remind me to lose weight.

Hey guys! Don't know if I have posted this before but... It ticks me off when people say I'm thin. I'm like, I eat healthy, I exercise regularly (my brother is screaming at me right now,:( ) don't you?

I always diet, no matter what! I reached my goal to lose all those pounds, I feel great!!

@hotgirl2003 - Lol, your like me. I diet all the time, but I suggest that you have "don't care about calorie days" like I do. I diet a lot (I eat salads with tomatoes and salad dressing for dinner, yogurt and blueberries for snack, pears/other fruits for breakfast, and un-grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch) and I work out. But sometimes, on my "don't care about calorie day", I eat delicious pizzas! It's been successful even with that day: I lost 6 lbs. But I wish that healthy was pretty, also.

I'm 4'7,9 years old,and 100 pounds. of coarse I've wanted to lose weight! but I guess I should try to maintain my weight so I grow into it.

I lost more than I should according to my doctors, but 82 pounds never felt so much.

I'm trying to eat healthy stuff, I want to lose about 15 pounds before the musical i'm doing at my church, which is in 2 months.

hotgirl2003- Are you kidding me? You need to eat more. Veggies and berries? If thats all you eat you're going to die within a few months. I'm sorry, but the truth can be painful. You need meat, or a meat substitute, and atleast 1,200 calories a day. Eat please. i used to have a starvation problem. I didn't want to be skinny, my body just rejected all my food and i couldn't eat with out getting sick, nor did i really want to eat. Get help please, a bikini isn't worth an eating disorder.

i want to diet to look good

Yes!! Of course, I diet every day! I only eat a few berries, veggies, nuts,and lots of water!!! But only sometimes milk, I want tO lose 10 pounds so I can wear a bikini this summer!!

Cakestolen,I'm in sixth grade and I'm 4"11(56 inches) I weigh 78 pounds. It might be because I do gymnastics though...

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