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Have you ever wanted to diet? Why?

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Hello dear IML'ers! Hope everyone's having a good summer. We have some sad news today. :-( Due to a shift in focus away from tweens, PBS funding for It's My Life updates has been discontinued until further notice. This includes moderating the You Said It pages. It's devastating to us at IML because we love what we do. We fought hard to keep these pages available to you guys who rely on them and make them so great, and haven't given up yet. We're still out there, looking for more funding. In the meantime, no new YSI posts will be approved, unfortunately. We hope that changes soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us and stay in touch! Any questions, email us at itsmylife@pbs.org and we will do our best to answer.

Ballerina442,boys look for what makes you,YOU!You could get an eating disorder!DO NOT DIET!:(


History123, that's okay because I think that weight is only muscle! Unless you know it's fat on your body. But it's probably just muscle and muscle weighs more than fat (believe it or not!)

Sopmonkey, it kinda only ticks me off 'cuz I feel like 'Dang, if you ATE HEALTHY you would be skinny too!' In general it annoys me because ppl eat like crud and then play on the computer all day while eating crud food, then they wonder why they're so obese. *facepalm* I'm actually not underweight, i'm around normal for my age. I've actually gained a few in this growth spurt i'm in. If you were wondering, I weighed 70 pounds last time I checked.

Im am a girl my name is cheyenne i think no one should have a eating disorder my sister is 15 she thinks she's fat her frind is 17 or16 she thinks shes fat to i think nether of them are fat they look at modles and say i what to look like that model my sisters frind is on a diet. YIKES im 8 i hope i am not like that when im a pre teen or a teen:(

No,but honestly i am worried about my dad he is thinking about a "Liposuction" some crazy surgery to lose weight. WHAT TO DO?

cow chow u actually weigh less than that,yur clothes have wight

miaaingla, stop dieting right this instant!

Ok so I'm 12 years old, I'm a girl, I am about 5'4 and I weigh about 135 lbs. Is this normal for someone my age? More importantly, is this healthy? I also forgot to mention that I do exercise because I am on a swim team so I have practice 5 days a week, and I eat pretty healthy. Any advice or answers would be great! Thanks :)

yea i wante to diet to be skinny so boys could like me

Guys i think i have a problem. so all my friends tell me im really skinny, and i really dont eat that much. I usualy eat about one or two meals a day. I watch my calorie intake, and i dont eat sweets that much. I always feel tired and i have headaches sometimes 2 plus my clothes are big on me:( I know this sounds bad,can anyone give me some advice? thanxs

hm im 59 pounds i might lose 14

missinglsla u need to gain weight at least 20 pounds

xxcoolda i have advice, 48 lbs is too light for a twelve year old silverstream714 a 2nd grader even weigh more than most of us,p.s dont feel bad im only 59 pounds everyone the clothes you wear have weight,so you dont weigh as much as u do with clothes most of my cousins are skinny hmm,i weighed my self and i weighed 59 pounds

My school accused me of being bulimic. I was at the school disco and i had 1 ice pole and then i went to the bathroom with my friends. So whoever told my parents, told them that I forced myself to throw-up in the bathroom. I didnt do it! and now my parents are telling me to tell them the truth and i told them i didnt do it (which is true) :(

Starving hurts. Don't ever do this, please. It's not worth it.

well what i was going to say before i pressed submit id that i don't care about my weight but other girls think that there fat although some people are just not hungry but if you think your fat and you think you should get skinnier please don't you could get very sick from just one problem

*cry cry cry*

I actually have anorexia right at this moment. It started when I was 12 and it went on and off but now that I am 14, it has started again. It's not because I don't like the way I look; its more because I'm just not hungry. I feel full allll the time.

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