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What types of drug use have you seen and experienced in your school, in your family, and in the media? What do you think about it?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

At recess at my school these boys sit in the corner and eat pixie sticks and pretend it's cocaine. It's not cool at all to joke about drugs. It's a very serious matter that claims many lives.

I need to get a sad story off of my shoulders... When I was just a little tot, my aunt had this boyfriend. He always wore dark colors; mostly black, he had dark hair, and pale white skin, and, just to make him creepier, he wore dark black lipstick. I was so scared of him! I would hide behind my mom, and be quiet around him. He would wave and smile at me... I remember crying when he did that... o.e" To my horror him and my aunt were going to get married soon. A couple weeks before they were going to get married, the man died, due to an illegal drug overdose. Turns out, he had warrants to be arrested for selling illegal drugs, and cooking meth. From that day, my aunt has me "inspect" her boyfriends, because she thinks I'm an amazing judge of character...

@Brooklyn1186: Aww I'm so sorry. :( I have friends that do drugs, so far it's weed but I'm afraid they'll start doing hard drugs. Weed is a gateway drug after all.

i have a crush named chase. i just found out he wants to do pot (marawuana) when he grows up. he even wants to do it now. his friends know i like him and tell me how dumb he is. i cried a little cause he seemed perfect. ps we are only 11.5

My best friend from BIRTH got into drugs when she was 12, and it go SO BAD that she died. It was so sad and it still makes my heart heavy! Im crying just typing this!

well sence my dad is a cop i,ve seen druggys get arested.so i have seen lots.

I used to have two stepfathers. In fact, in a way, I still do. But both of them started taking drugs since they were teenagers. They told me when I was at a young age, five and eight. One of which has gone to prison for eighteen years, and when none of my siblings, or just my brother Jonathan and I are awake, they blurt out his name. When I hear Taylor Swift's song Last Kiss, the last line in the chorus, Forever the name on my lips, I can not help but think of him....

I don't do drugs and never will but a lot of kids at my school do weed and my friend Thalia abuses prescription drugs.

XxGingerxX- Yaaah... MJ's doctor is in jail because he overdosed him. :( I liked his songs, even if he was odd. R.I.P. MJ :'((((

Drugs ruin and can end lives. Let's be friends if you hate them!

Friend me if you hate drugs!


Even if you are prescribed drugs, make sure you don't do prescription drug abuse. It's gonna ruin your body, too. Your doctor will be in trouble if you die or something. (Like Michael Jackson's doctor got in court.)

In my school, there is this kid whose real name is Johnathan Culpepper but we call him Andy because he likes it better. I believe he is 14 and still in 7th grade. He got held back for 2 years and should be in eighth or ninth grade. He uses marijuana, and every single day he has a noticeable stench to him. He talks in this weird voice like something is wrong with him and he gets low grades in school. He has a disability where his shoulder is connected and lodged to his throat. He is a perfect example of why I do not want to try drugs. I am an A student and doing drugs would just ruin my life. I have never been held back, EVER. I am 12 years old and I will never try drugs because I don't want to ruin my life! Say no and you are good to go!! <3 :)

All the kids in my class joke around about smoking and I do not think it's cool at all! You know the Popeye's candy sticks in the little boxes that look like cigars in a cigarette box? Well all the boys bring them to school and pretend to smoke with them. It's just not cool at all!

Drugs..... I don't do them or know anyone who does, but some people at school joke about them. I don't think they're that funny, and nor does anyone else.

Be my bud in IML if a close person of you does drug abuse. :*( * sniff*

Why are all the cute guys "potheads"? It really stinks, they're ruining their bodies, and I knew my crush when we were like 3 he was really nice. : (

My crush does drugs (I don't like him any more)

prescibed drugs are ok but illegal arent (of cousre)

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