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What types of drug use have you seen and experienced in your school, in your family, and in the media? What do you think about it?

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I hate drugs and alcohol theses are reasons why. 1.Drugs are BAD AND GROSS!!!!!!! 2. drugs are reall BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!! 3. I HATE DRUGS AND I HATE WHEN PEOPLE ARE DRUNK !!!!!!!!!!!

My neighbor is a big drug user. Once her daughter was at my house playing with my sister, when we had to leave and we sent her home. 5 minutes later, we drive by and see her crying and pounding on the door. My dad stopped the car, and him and I got out. We walk up and kept on trying to open the door or look in a window but didnt see her mom. Her dad and brothers left for soccer, and they wouldnt leave her alone at the house with no one there, so we knew her mom was home. Well, my dad and the neighbors were scared because all signs pointed to suicide (whole 'nother story) and we called the police. they banged down the door and found her passed out because she was doing drugs. after she got herself together, the dad (who isnt of much help in the circumstance) kicked her out of the house and now they are thinking about getting a divorce. You cant imagine how much pain this little girl and her brothers are in right now. drugs ruins lives.

i know this girl and she does drugs.... i would never tell though.......

im going into the 5th grade and i know a boy in my former class who has been doing drugs since he was in 1st grade! i swear! ive caught him doing it too! im not friends with him though!

There are drugs that are legal, but they have to be the drugs YOU use, not someone else's. Another thing is that you should not take too much-look at what happened to the King of Pop and Amy Winehouse. They took too much drugs and it killed them.

People like Michal Jackson and Amy Winehouse are perfect examples of why you should not do drugs. They messed up their entire lives doing drugs. Look at Methproject.org for information about meth. I will note that its only for age ten and up. (Some adds gave me nightmares they are so powerful.)

i had HW on here.We had 2 read the drug abuse section on here.I somehow not thinking said i like this site(i do its just not the thing you say to ur 30 person health class including the popular girls who already hate you and your crush)embaressing oh well good site good info got it done fast

D.R.U.G.S. .A.R.E. .B.A.D. .A.N.D. .B.A.D!!!!!!!!!!!!

1nansydrew1...I Hate drugs!can we be frend's and have you read:MISTERY ON MAUE,or saempthing like that?

Well, taytay, we don't always throw it away, but usually at least keep it somewhere where the young kids can't get into it.

ok,cowchow I frend you.

it's my life.com the low dosen't last longer it just feels longer then the high and how did you find out that the low lasted longer then the high i hate smoking and taking drugs i also fear acholol i don't want to be drunk!

TexasTichie- Some people just cant help it. It's not their faults.

@ajyos: You just throw away the prescription drugs after a couple pills!? Sounds like a waste of money... Also my friend quit drugs!!!! I'm so proud of her!

My family never even uses the prescription drugs. We just either don't fill out the prescription or whoever needs it takes one or two pills, whatever they need, and then we throw it away. I'm really sheltered.

i am in the 8th grade and i hve seen all kinds of drugs in the media and social media site rapper and some r&b singers show them in there video and all over the tv sometime it look like thier having fun but i know it wrong

When u c pictures of people doing drugs it is almost saying "oh, it's OK to do drugs because I'm in the media and I do it. It won't hurt. What's one drink?" WRONG!!!! IT WILL HURT YOU LATER ON! DRUGS ARE HORRIBLE TO GET INTO!!!

I have a friend who's family smokes. She gets make fun of because of her stench, and people always say things like "Jeez, Nikia, you should real take a bath!" and they say that she's really gross when really, it's not her fault. She does take baths, but the smoke covers the clean.

I have a group of older cousins in my family 3 take drugs. two are horrible.I seen the way they treat people.Rotten.one steals. Acts like a jerk,the other ones marring a stupid woman with 7 kids. they're engaged. I vow through all my life to NEVER be like them ever


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