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Do you have braces or have you had them? If so, do you like them?
--From Matthew, 12

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I'm twelve and I have braces. They only really hurt A LOT when you get them on. When they tighten them they don't hurt as bad. I've had my braces for about 3-4 months and my teeth are already noticeably straighter. So the pain is way worth it!

HAHA traintracks, hehe

I just got braces last week. It's awful. I mean, people don't make fun of me, since I'm twelve and it's just part of being a tween/teen. But it's just weird and painful.

I have to get braces! Dx Meet Miss. Mega Nerd. 3: Glasses and braces are not a great mix for a little person with big eyes... ):

a girl at my skool has braces and we call her traintracks *choo choo* ;]

Woohoo! Go Christians that love Harry Potter... it's called fiction for a reason... and JK Rowling is Christian herself I think. And no I don't wear braces. My mom says I need them but I refuse.

1ofteboys-Sorry if I offended you, it's just two of my friends (sisters ages 8 and 11) are fundementalist and they are not allowed Harry Potter.

@1oftheboyz: Same here. I'm Christian too, and my faith is the most important thing to me... my favorite book series? Harry Potter.

I don't really mind my braces. My mom says I'm one of those people who can pull off braces and glasses. I think I agree. If I feel like wearing my glasses then I look "cute." With braces people notice them but I never get teased about them. I don't really see the point in teasing people about their braces. It's just going to make us have a nicer smile then them, eventually.

My brother has braces, and he says they, are a real pain (he has to have rubber bands) but they seem to fix his teeth.

@1oftheboys: Im a proud Christian too, and I sorta think those books/movies are evil. And yes, I have braces. I sorta like them bcuz choosing colors is fun and stuff but it can get annoying bcuz there are certain foods i love and I cant eat them anymore :(

@1nancydrew1: Why 'no offense to Christians for liking Harry Potter?' I'm a proud Christian and Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series ever.

I have braces, and it's really not a big deal to me. Anyone who would turn their back on me because of something like braces isn't someone i'd want for a friend anyway.

i had braces and was totally teased because of it now that i dont have them anymore everybody is trying to be my friend. what do i do?

I'm going to get looked at by an orthodontist in the next 6-8 months to make sure I need braces. If I do I'm getting teal or neon yellow, if they come in that. :) Oh, and ya, I am either a Taoist or a secular humanist.... :\

lots of my friends say there getting them i already have braces i do like them

@CowChow Me too! I'm out of braces now :). Almost all of my friends have them

lizotaku13, PURPLE!

I'm getting them, we're looking at Orthodontists, the first one said I'd need an expander, an Herbst Appliance (DANG LOWER JAW!), and braces, the time span would be two years plus the Invisalign retainer-mabobs. :D I wonder what color I should get?

I'm getting braces in 3-4 years!!! Huh!!!! So I have some time to prepare for them... :) I ave a teeeeeeeeny jaw. I am certainly going to get them on the bottom, two of my teeth have grown back behind the others!!! :0 P.S. If you love Harry Potter, be my friend!!!!!! (No offense to Christians.:) I am a Taoist and therefore support all religion. If you don't know what Taoisim is, look on Wikipedia. Or the dictionary. Or something like that. ;))

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