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Do you have braces or have you had them? If so, do you like them?
--From Matthew, 12

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Well, I'm not getting braces. I'm getting space maintainers. I havn't seen mine, but I've been told I need a specail pair. That means more $$$$$ to them. :(

@CakeIsStolen- Ice cream... Aw yeah. I had braces. I wasn’t the only one in my class though, this other boy got braces almost the same time as me. I got them off last year, but I wear a retainer at night though. I like braces better than retainers. You know, other kids in my class said they needed braces too. I didn’t feel so… geeky… anymore, especially since that other guy had braces.

im should be getting some soon as in 10 months

i have braces i got the top on in october and i just got the bottoms on all my friends and my sister r getting theres off :( oh well

@cooky115 braces dont hurt when u first get the on but they hurt pretty soon when ur teeth start 2 move. take a TON of tylenol (max dose 4 u) right after u get them on.

im in fifth grade and am getting braces. The colors are going to be lime green (my fav. color) and purple(my second fav. color) the orthodontist has a giant panda bear in his office! :-)

GGRRRRRR I Hate my braces...I'm the only fifth grader with braces. Suddenly, every girl (and a few boys) want braces. I HATE MY BRACES!!!!!

I used to have braces...

i think that getting braces like when ur 12 is good cause by ur 15 u can have them off nd enjoy XD

no i dont wear braces. i doo need braces though. almost everbody in my school wears them. my friends are purple. haha

i will like them because they look cool and my cusin has them

I am going to get braces do they hurt getting them put on? How long does it take to put the braces on? I need answers now.

I had them but when I got them out I felt better

It's been 3 weeks...I WANT THEM GONE!!!!!! The orthodontists tightened the braces...SOMEBODY, PLEASE, GET ME A SCREWDRIVER SO I CAN GET THEM OFF!!!! *sobs* I hate this world... My Mom: honey, we're having ice-cream! Me, eating ice-cream: I love this world.

I'm 11 and I have braces. I think that's pretty early, I'm in 5th grade. I'm the only one, but now everyone in my class wants braces. Weird.

I used to have braces and when I had them it stunk but now I want to have them again.Another thing,everybody says braces hurt but they dont,they just make your teeth sore.When I had braces I also cheated a lot...

Yes, I got them on 2 weeks ago! They don't hurt at all, and my front teeth have gotten all the way strait in 2 weeks!

NNOO!i hate them like heck.they tear skin off of my lips. scrape skin off make my lips bleed.my final answer is _no.

I have to get braces when I'm 12. one years time.do they hurt?

My 11 year old sister has braces and this is really strange. this crazy 1 st grade teacher has braces the braces are red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple,and pink!!!!!!

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