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Do you have braces or have you had them? If so, do you like them?
--From Matthew, 12

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I do not have braces but I am going to git some soon:D

The ortho did not secure the wire so it jabbed in my jaw bone and i had to have surgery.

owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I got my springs yesterday pain relevers don work and i cant be this grumpy thurs day 'cus we have friends from out of state comeing.Any tips?

I 'm the same as you Merlene1! I have a clear retainer on top and I have a metal retainer on the back of my teeth.

no because they hurt

I had braces for almost two years and got them off last February. Now I have to wear a clear retainer on top and have a metal retainer attached to the back of my teeth on the bottom. Braces aren't that bad, but I would rather wear a retainer than them...

I got my braces tightened on Monday and now they hurt like heck when I eat. They don't really hurt they're just sore. 0.e *twitchtwitch* Braces can be a pain sometimes

today is 5-14-12 and when i went to the dentist they said that next week i had to get springs.

I have braces. I am getting them off May 17,2012. At first I thought that what people were saying about how much my braces were gonna hurt was kind of wrong because I thought my braces were gonna make me feel more grown up


anessa3? Don't worry; braces only hurt the first couple of days after you get them or after you get them tightened. I got my braces off the summer of 2011.

im 10 and i got molars/wisdom teeth that grow in when you are 12! i have one thats grown all the way and i have 2 that are beginning to grow!

the computer smiley face things for"i have braces" is this :# or =# or if you hate braces: >:'#.........heeheeheeheeeheeeee

I got braces 2 months ago. At first, my teeth ached for about 3 days. Then, my mouth adjusted to the braces, and now...well it just feels normal! Oh, I get them off May 15th, 2013! Yay!

Wait.. What was that abpout braces 12-15 years old?? I'm twelve, will get braces soon, and will have them off by high school!

I really hate my braces. When I 1st got them I couldnt eat anything at all. It really hurts when you get a new wire too. I cat wait 2 get my braces off! And then comes the retainer.....

any one know why braces cost so much ???????????????????? p.s i have braces and its nit so bad you get use to it after a while

maxruby246- at least I'll be the first one with them off...!

I got braces the other day. I am considering pulling every single one of my teeth out! they feel so sore! When i complained to my orthodontist, he said that when i get them off, i'll have a "beautiful smile". I really don't care a bout a beautiful smile. I look hideous!

The typical cost of braces will be somewhere around $4,500 to $10,000 altogether. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

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