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Have you ever felt that there is something physical about you that people judge you by?
--From G.K., 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Whoever judges people, they need to get a life, bcuz if you judge people. you have no time to love them!!!!!!!!!! JUX SAYIN'


Well, Iam A Guy, No Im Not Gay,. But Its Like everwhere iGo I Get Judged By My Appearance. Yeah iLike To Dress Nice And Have Nice Things, But Once Yu Get To Know Me Im Really A cool Person. And Ppl Wonder Why iOnly Have Girl Friends Because None Of The Guys Like Me Because iDress Better Than Them, And Other Ppl Judge Me By Just Looking At Me, They Always Say "Oh He Thinks He's All That" And It Make Me Wanna Break Down, Because iDon't Think That. iSee Everyone As Being The Same.. We All Cant Afford Finner Things In Life. And IJust Pray At Not That Ppl Stop Judging Me And Get To Know The Real Me. :(

@RamonaGirl obviously a lot of people listened to you! You get help girl, don't hesitate at all!

i dont like geting judged im an actractive girl and lots of boy like me but theres one boy that i like alot he want me to go to prom but i dont no wat to say

RamonaGirl-THAT IS AWFUL!!!!! I am crying while i type this... If you get to a point where you REALLY are neglected or abused, do NOT hesitate to call one of the numbers on here!!!

i am muslim, and people think i am a terrorist

feretlover- I TOTALY agree with you!

RamonaGirl, I was shocked. This happened to you? I actually felt a mild wave of depression when I read yours..I'm kinda crying typing this. I just feel real bad for you.. :*(

Not really but people think because I'm asian I need to be smart in math. There are using the stereotype of asians against me. So if I get a answer wrong or a bad mark in math people think I'm dumb.

Yeah, everyone looks at my face and thinks I'm a nice sweet little introvert. That's about the point where all my friends lose it laughing. :D

Sc8erGirl, OMG the same thing happens to me!! I hate it so much!! :(( I got my first suspension of my life one day in 10th grade because of something another guy was doing to ME. It was only a day but whatever.. He did things way worse and also got a one day suspension.. I was so mad!! He should have at least gotten 3 days!! :((

people juge my weight. I can't take it any more! i get slapped around like no one's bisness because of that. i have to make up excuses for my giant brusies and hide the small ones! This is silly no one ever listins enyway!

RamonaGirl,I feel so bad for you...But,I wouldn't let that stop you from trying to make things right.Sometimes we all feel like,"Oh gosh.My life is so messed up.That's it.I'm done with trying to fix things.It'll never be the same again." But the fact is,there will always be a time in our lives where we'll want to start over.Even I've felt that way before.But there isn't a redo button,nor a rewind or do-over.We gotta keep going,push ourselves to stay ahead,and right the wrongs.If it's already been done,so what? Make up for it the best you can,and learn from your errors.Hope you liked my advice!

@RamonaGirl; Don't you dare think that, let alone type it! People and careand even though I don't know you, I know the feelings of abuse and my emotional scars along with the physical ones have made ms strong and trust me they will for you too!

Well...... my family doesn't have enough money...... we kind of have CPS problems where they think I'm being neglacted...... I was put in Foster Care before....... and in third grade I was kind of, well......... abused by my stepfather who's now in prison. I can't believe I'm typing this stuff. No one's really going to pay attenion.

I was judged because of my family's problems. Funds, Health, Education, they make fun of it all.

I'm a college-level 9th grader, who apparently dates extremely beautiful guys only. A lot of people see me as stuck up because of those two 'facts' I spend a lot of time by myself drawing too so that all led to my being a loner. I don't really get where all that came from in the first place, I'm fun-loving and think down on myself, my friends know that but it doesn't help with the haters -_-

I'm judged because I'm a little...advanced. I'm in 6th grade and in high school band, doing pull-out groups for advanced logic, reading, and math, and I play french horn in MYS (Minnesota Youth Symphonies). I've been playing french horn for one year, and piano for 6. I don't have time for my friends other than school a lot so I feel really left out. I hate saying "Sorry, I can't come to the sleepover; I have piano lessons or french horn lessons or orchestra." Don't get me wrong, I luv my music, I just wish there was 36 hours in my day.

TexasTichie, I had a uni-brow too.. To get rid of it sometimes I just snip it with scissos or pluck them with tweezers. And once it grows back, do it again.. Theres really nothing you can do about the zits.. Maybe just washing your face more will help.. And as of right now I really don't have friends either.. But I don't have people judging me because of it because I am homeschooled.. So I can't help with that one....

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