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Have you ever felt that there is something physical about you that people judge you by?
--From G.K., 11

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Here's what other kids had to say:

i have zits pimples and every thing else i am kind of fat i am eleven and i just don't know what to do every one judges me which makes me feel horrible about myself and i have crushes on these two guys i like but they're like perfect and.. well is there a way i can you know fix myself?

People shouldn't be judged by the way they look!!! It's what's INSIDE that counts!

I never really let people judge me. When I was little, I got really mad when people noticed my big tummy. I was pretty normal size with a ENORMOUS stomach. It stuck out like a pregnant woman's belly...glad that's over. Now a boy that used to be my best friend and used to *like* me called me a blueberry pancake. It took me a second to figure out what he meant. I agreed with him, but now I've entered another awkward stage: the pancake stage. *sigh* Darn.

I'm not the skinnyest person ever but I hate getting juged all the same.Same thing for people with mental disorders,its not their fault!

Why dose everybody think they have to be thin!I'm chubby and I sort of like it.You don't have to worry about your body and you can EAT.So people,BE WHO YOU ARE!!!

I'm chubby, and I know lots of people think I should go on a diet, but the medicine I take for my illness causes it. (See Living With an Illness)

People are always juding others on something that they either do, wear, or look like, Just try not to let it get to you. And how I see it their just not comfortable with themselves so they judge others to make themselves feel better. soma123: Don't worry about it there people are just looking for an excuse or reason to blame others for their own mistakes or something that they can't explain so they just blame find someone to blame for it.

Small Breasts Flat Butt .... Thats It But MY Wonderful Bf Says Im Perfect :)

Graceballet7, I've called Snow White, and Disney Princess for my pale skin I always write on... and my eyes are always with purple circles underneath. I need to sleep more. ;.;

i've got mean people in my class who think anything that isn't 100% girly is lame and funny looking'but what do i care i don't like girly thigns "bleh"

people ask me questions about why i look like what i look like,pale and purple circles under my eyes,It makes me mad!!!i think it just me,who i am,so there's no worries to me it dosen't matter what people care,or what i look like ;)

@BWard23: I love when guys put effort into how they look, you should not be judged for that.

People stare at me a lot... it kinda makes me want to blow up at them. I'm a city girl so I'm not going to give them the "friendly wave." and smile while pretending like everything is fine and they're not staring at me. I don't know why they stare at me, I pretend it's because they're jealous, yeah right. Mainly I glare back at them. It's not friendly stares they give me, but then again what stare is friendly? I highly doubt they're curious, it's not like there's anything unusual about me. At least, I don't think there is.

People judge me by the clothes I wear. I dont like tight shirts, skinny jeans, or shorts that go past my knees. I especially dont like bikinis... BLEH! My friends enjoy making fun of me, but my guy friends dont. Wouldnt u sorta expect it to be the other way? *shrugs*

When I had very short hair last year kids made fun of me and called me a boy. A boy said "you look like a boy" and I said thank you. When we were walking out of a store a saleswoman was putting up things and then she said "bye boys.

*sigh* I know how you feel. One time when these guys kept butting in front of everybody in the lunch line I told this one kid in my class that he shouldn't be cutting and that's not how it works and he should go in the back of the line and wait like everybody else. He got so frustrated that he yelled in my face saying i'm stupid enough to think I should tell him what to do and said i was stupid and ugly and nobody liked me. I cried in the bathroom and i didn't even tell the teacher.

im judged because of my looks. People always ask me why I do not go out with them. They think I am conceded and don't care about anyone but myself because they want to go out with me. Im only in 6th grade, and things have been getting worse every year. I think its wrong to judge a book by its cover, and they do too. But since Im pretty, they don't care.

My life in the 3rd grade was a bit of a disaster, I moved from AZ to IL, and I was bullied, by a boy who technically liked me, he made my life a living heck because HE LIKED ME! He got his friends to join in too, I only had one friend, his name was Nathan, we hung out every weekend, he was imaginative and so was I, we got made fun of because he was a boy and I was a girl. I also had on friend who was a girl, but she turned on me... I chased her with a jumprope in revenge and she called me a physcopath. I cried all the time and one time the guy who bullied me called me FAT AND UGLY to my FACE! I was constantly teased, all though my situation wasn't extreme, I wanted to kill myself, it subsided in the fifth grade, then I moved BACK to AZ.

@BWard23, Awe...I don't think people should judge you for that! I wouldn't.. People judge me though because I like to wear black. They think I'm all dark and depressing, but I'm really not!

I'm lucky, I am smart and wear glasses,but people know not to mess with me because I'm big and play football.

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