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What types of alcoholic drinking do you see people in your life taking part in? Do you feel like there's anyone who has a problem?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

I have tasted wine and I HATE it, reading this arcticle has given me another reason NOT to do it. I have a cousin that drinks ---BLLEEECCCHHHH. I have also seen other peoples lives ruined by it

My parents drink beer about every 2 days. They drink wine even less.

We also have wine at church

LSA4EVER- DON'T GO TO THE NEXT.PARTY!!! who knows what could happen with drunk people there, when your drunk your not yourself and.by "not yourself" I mean UNPREDICTABLE!!!!!!

LSA4ever, that's just creepy. Oh, and if they're inviting you to the next party, it's mostly your choice, but along with your parents. My advice to you is to not attend, unless you know the people who are coming that won't drink.

we have wine at church.

my dad has a drink every now and then,but he follows all the rules ... and then there's my mom who hates the taste of th stuff.

I'm gonna drink when I'm older, I mean if you have one sip you won't get addicted. It's not that bad in moderation. :)

I went to a party last weekend with a bunch of my friends. We were all having a great time talking and laughing upstairs, but I found out on Monday that all the kids downstairs had snuck in beer and were getting drunk in the basement. Now I'm wondering if I should still go to the next party??

I should have went to the "Smoking" section to point out mah comment. But if nicotine is an alchohol, then I have no problem bein' here. :d

acohol is bad for you

I have a drop every Sunday. I hate it. :p

I'm happy. The people I know don't drink too much, and when they do, they follow all the rules (no drunk driving] and stuff. They never get drunk, they just drink a glass of wine at dinner,ya know..the usual

I have only seen my parents drink wine...And only about,like,three times a year! My parents are always warning us that when we grow up,it's best not to drink at all cuz you might get addicted.I've only seen my Dad have a beer once or twice in my whole 12 years of life.They are really good examples...Most of the time.

hi my name is melanie and my dad is alcoholic and he thinks by drinking he is going to solve everything but he is really not because the problem is still going to be there

alcohol can make people who had it in thier bodies who could control it to abuse thier kids

A lady offered my chapane at my cousins comfermation. Im like "hello! im only 11!" (im 12 now but anyway..) lol and on my 12th birthday my mom told me I could try a sip of her wine if I wanted to, but I said no.

Yes, my grandpa..he smoked since..I think a teenager in the Philippines. He tries to stop, but it's the stupid nicotine. Any advice here?


You guys have WINE at CHURCH?!?! dear god... We only have WATER, AND we encourage NOT drinking. My closest encounter with wine was at this church thing (not our church, The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints) and there was gingerbread, wine, and grape juice. Dad took 2 gingerbread pieces (1 for me and 1 for him) and 2 (supposed) cups of grape juice. "Hey!" said the refreshments dude. "Only 1 drink per person" "Well, ya, but this is for my daughter!!" said Dad. "No drinking underage, try this grape juice" said the dude. OMJ! My Dad almost got me wine!

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