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What types of alcoholic drinking do you see people in your life taking part in? Do you feel like there's anyone who has a problem?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Drinking is ok as long as you aren't underage and don't drink to get drunk. When I'm 21 I'll try alcahol to see if I like it but I'll only drink a glass per night though.

In my town there is usually someone at a ball game drinking a BUD LIGHT or something else like a BUDWISEIER

december2402 good for you !

don't use this

no body in my family has a problem with alcohol

my dad drank alot wen i would go over there an he would always get into fites wit his gf cuz he was wastd

At church, the wine is so watered down, only 2% is actually alcohol! Amazing right!! ;)

My mama drinks about 1 or 2 glasses of wine a day and my papa 2 or 3 beers. As I said before, it's not that bad. I'll use alcohol when I am 18 (the legal age for Australia) in moderation. Too much is bad, can be fatal, but a bottle of beer a day will not kill you.

I was shocked to learn that most alcoholics don't die of accidents when under the influence of alcohol but from drinking too much and getting severe alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning destroys your liver and kidneys and you can't process all the alcohol into sugar so you die...

i wonder why people drink its just so crazy!its bad for you but people just dont understand that!

turtlegirl16- Thanks for the advice! Things have been getting a lot better! :3 By the way, I LOVE your name!!! Turtles are so cool! Speaking of turtles... Mine are Zombie-Turtles! Dx They're lost somewhere in the terrarium, ( or is it just a turtle tank? xD) and I think they're dead, but they eat the food, so the only explainable thing, is that they are zombies! xD Don't even try to tell me that they're alive, and just burry themselves, because that's what my mom says! >:3 xD

@Ramonagirl They do have wine at church but you can only take a sip. It's not like they're going to let you down the whole goblet... I'm a bit of a writer (Which is ironic since I can't spell to save my life.) ;) so sometimes I use a little to extrvagent... what I mean it they won't let you drink it all. :)

@RandomNinja- If I were you, I would just ignore them. The reason they are mean to you is because they have insecurities (I hope I spelled that right). They want to make you feel bad, and they also want to take their anger out on you. If it gets violent, I would definetly tell an adult. But if it's just verbal, I would ignore them! Hope I helped! :)

As long as you don't drink too much there really isn't a problem. I just think it tastes nasty. I hate beer, eww!

well my mom throws partys all the time and my step dad does too. when they trow these parties people like to take shots. and when they take alot of shots it could kill you so stop

i have tasted wine before and it is HORRIBLE!!!i wonder why my parents sometimes drink it and they say its good (YCKYYY)and the worst is the red wine BLEECH CANT STANT!!!#(

I've never gone to church before so I didn't know they had wine there.... :P

My parents are drinkers, but they aren't heavy drinkers. The people who don't know me very well in my neighborhood, think I'm a "Bad Kid", because I am not religious, and my parents used to smoke cigarettes, and are still drinkers. Can anyone give me some advice, to keep my chin up when my feelings are hurt by this?

it's bad for and wine so my I don't drink it.

did you know 4 out of 5 people drink

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