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What types of alcoholic drinking do you see people in your life taking part in? Do you feel like there's anyone who has a problem?

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Here's what other kids had to say:

Some people may be drinking alcohol when only they are 21. I am a 6 year old man,so I do not drink alcohol until I am 21 years old.

It is OK to drink but DO NOT EVER NEVER DRINK TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

I will never drink and drive because if that doesnt kill me I know my mom will. hehehe ~__-

My Uncle Alex drinks. He works at a bar so, that explains a lot.

my grandmother started to drink after my great-grandmother died. she quit a year ago and is doing better! YAY GRANDNA! :) xD

you are soooooo right dancerilla,i promised to the lord my father that i would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DRINK IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Hotgirl2003! I have a question for you! Do you want to be my friend? If so let me know. Because I have no friends. Here is a story how I ended friendship with most of my friends. #1Emma. My best friend Emma was the best friend I could ask for. She went to church with me, played games at church with me , went to awana with me...I saw her every Sunday. Then my dad went to working on Sunday !!!!!!! I was so disappointed. So there goes that friend. #2Samantha. I met Samantha at a playground in Saginaw, TX. She was twelve years old and very fun. We met up every Tuesday.#3Abigail. Abigail is Emma's twin sister so we met up at church a lot too. We were always performing at a concert together, or going to awana. (sigh) I had some good friends. So let me know!

I would NEVER NEVER EVER!!!!!!!! drink I promised my mom and dad Never!!!!!!!!!!!

i made a promise to my parents that i would never ever drink!NEVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna know more about alcohol for my homework

Read iml's post, PAY ATTENTION!!

l1kim-thats k cuz it ussaly diluted or sometimes not wine at all

I won't drink! it's disgusting!

@peachgirl988: Fatima said it's okay to drink IF YOU DON'T GET DRUNK and she also mentioned being over 21. I agree with her, I think you read it wrong.

No one in my family is an alcholoic, thankfully. But I don't like it when I hear about underage drinking. Drinking is serious and it can be damanging to young people

My grandpa ust to drink after the war.

FatimaluvsR r u saying you drink and get drunk oh my my my i am so going to faint...................

There is wine at churh,but I only had a sip of it once.

My dad drinks a bottle of beer maybe three times a week and my mom maybe has some wine then too. I've never seen them get even close to drunk though.

Only for hollidays and birthdays.

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