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Team Sports: Invent Your Own!

What would happen if you combined water polo, archery, and table tennis into a brand new team sport?

Sounds crazy, right? But it's just that kind of thinking that has brought us many new, kinda-weird, kinda-cool team sports in the last few decades. These were thought up by people just like you, so who knows…maybe the next "big thing" is a team sport you and your friends invent!

Think of it as basketball with bounce. This "extreme" team sport, invented by twenty-eight-year-old Mason Gordon, adds trampolines to a familiar game and opens up a whole new world of competition. It even has a league on TV!

Frisbee Golf
Say what? This game was invented in 1976 and has become more and more popular every year. The object of Frisbee Golf is the same as regular golf: get from one end of a course to the other with the fewest number of throws of the disc, and is scored according to how many throws a player has to make.

Wallyball was invented in Calabasas, CA, in the summer of 1979 by a guy named Joe Garcia. A combination of volleyball and racquetball, the sport was created to provide racquetball club owners with an alternative use for empty courts. Probably the most famous Wallyball players of all time are Presidents George Bush and his son, George W. Bush.

So if you just can't find a team sport that's right for you, maybe you just have to create one!

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