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Solo Sports: From The Mentors

From Dexter
I had the opportunity to take kickboxing several years ago. I had a lot of fun practicing and participating with fellow classmates. Kickboxing also gave me the opportunity to enhance friendships and it allowed me to acquire patience and understanding of the discipline. I was also fortunate enough to play Varsity Basketball and although the talent I acquired in basketball was helpful, it doesn't compare to participating in a solo sport. Solo sports are an excellent way of meeting new friends and getting your body in shape.

From Danielle
I dance at least 10 hours a week, either in class or at home. Dance is great because not only do you learn a lot about your body and become more flexible, but you have fun, too! I do hip hop, ballet, and modern, and each is fun in its own way. I used to play both soccer and basketball, but I like dancing more because I can express myself rather than be forced to cooperate with other team members. Don't get me wrong; team sports are important because you learn to depend on people, but I love to dance because I can do it whenever I want, on my own time. I have many new friends because of dance class, and I also get to show off my new dance skills to all my old friends!! I encourage all of you to try a solo sport if you haven't, because challenging yourself is something very important in life.

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