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Great Books About "Solo Sports"

Fiction Books

Frog Face and the Three Boys (Black Belt Series)
by Don Trembath
When school principal Mr. Duncan realizes that talkative Charlie, shy Jeffrey and punch-throwing Sydney are getting into far too much trouble, he signs them up for a karate class taught by his son. The boys soon learn that the tricks they use to get by in school don't work in karate class, and that they will have to learn a new way of handling the challenges that face them, which include a girl who really kicks butt!

Fight for Your Right (The Jersey)
by Paul Mantell, Gordon Korman
Sometimes it's difficult for a woman to be accepted in a sport that has always been dominated by men. Morgan learns this important lesson when he's suddenly face to face with Laila Ali, a famous female boxer and the daughter of former heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali.

The Contender
by Robert Lipsyte
When high-school dropout Alfred starts getting hassled by some punks over something he never did, he pays a visit to a local boxing club called Donatelli's Gym. Alfred wants to be a winner in the ring, but eventually learns, with the help of Mr. Donatelli, that winning isn't the only thing, and that there's a lot more to growing up and being a man that knocking the other guy down.

Whale Talk
by Chris Crutcher
A smart and funny high school student of mixed background (he's black, white, and Japanese), T. J. Jones has overcome a rough childhood with the help of his therapist and his supportive adoptive parents. When he sees a football player bullying a non-athlete, T.J. gathers the school outcasts into a swim team, even though the school's lack of a pool forces them to train at a fitness center. The kids become friends on the long bus rides to swim meets while T.J.'s father faces a challenge of his own: dealing with a little girl's abusive stepfather.

Run For It
by Matt Christopher
Theo Gordimer likes sitting on the couch playing video games a lot more than he likes sports, but after his favorite aunt is diagnosed with cancer, he wants to find a way to help. Soon Theo begins training for a 5K charity run that raises money for cancer research, helping both himself and his aunt.

by Stephanie Spinner
Based on an ancient Greek myth, this book tells the story of a woman named Atalanta, a skilled archer and runner who is as good or better than many of the men she has grown up with. When her father, the king, demands that she get married, she makes a challenge: she will only marry a man who can outrun her in a race, and any man who loses to her will die. Will Hippomenes find a clever way to beat this swift woman in a race and win her hand in marriage?

This Rocks
by Gordon Korman
The gang in the Monday Night Football Club is stunned when non-athlete Elliot shows a natural skill for rock-climbing. After Elliot gets his foot stuck on the side of the cliff, it's up to Nick, and championship climber Katie Brown, to save him. Will they be able to rescue him before tragedy strikes?


Martial Arts Training Diary For Kids
By Art Brisacher
This book helps martial arts students create a record of their journey to a black belt and get more out of lessons.

I Can't Believe It's Yoga For Kids
By Lisa Trivell, Peter Field Beck
Based on real classes and using real kids for demonstration, this book aims to show readers how much fun yoga can be.

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