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Do you do a "solo sport"? What do you like about it? How can other kids get involved?

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Create a Story

Fill in the blanks to create a story about you, your friends, and
one wild day!

1) Adjective:

2) Your Street Name:

3) Name of your Friend:

4) Part of a house:

5) Place to live:

6) Greeting (like Hello):

7) Sport:

8) Body Part (plural):

9) Another friend's name:

10) Noun (plural):

11) Adjective:

12) Your Favorite Celebrity:

13) Your Favorite Drink:

14) Adverb (adjective that ends with "ly"):

15) Type of Party:

16) Another celebrity's name:

17) Place to live:

18) A movie star's name:

19) A TV star's name:

20) Your favorite music group:

21) A type of animal:

22) Another type of animal:

23) Verb (ending in "ing"):

24) Your Favorite Food:

25) Action Verb:

26) Something gross:

27) Sport:


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Crossword Puzzle
Test your sports knowlege by doing the "Solo Sports" Crossword Puzzle!

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