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Great Books About "Smoking"

Fiction Books

Eglin Long-Horn of Nightshade County
By Marla Wert
A story about the dangers of tobacco told through insect characters.

The Magic Box
By Olga Cossi
Mara, the star of her school basketball team, is secretly addicted to cigarettes. Meanwhile, her mother is the one who got the school to pass a "no smoking" rule for athletes. If Mara is discovered, she won't be able to play in the state competition.

Smoke Screen
By Amy Goldman Koss
Mitzi's mom is trying to quit smoking and having a tough time. Meanwhile, Mitzi must deal with her complicated friendships and the little fib she told the boy she likes!

Non-Fiction Books

Help Your Smoker Quit: A Radically Happy Strategy For Non-Smoking Parents, Kids, Spouses, And Friends
By Jack Gebhardt
This books illustrates ways family members and loved ones can help their smokers feel better about themselves and break the habit.

Kick Butts! A Kids' Action Guide to a Tobacco-Free America
By Arlene B. Hirshfelder
Examines the history and current status of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco and provides an action guide for helping kids to stay smoke-free.

Let's Talk About Smoking
by Elizabeth Weitzman
Discusses the dangers of smoking and ways to avoid starting the habit.

Straight Talk About Smoking
By Rachel Kranz
This book examines the reasons that people use tobacco and what it does to the body. It also details how tobacco companies promote their products and provides in-depth discussion of addiction, ways to quit and how to take action.

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