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Great Books About "Puberty"

Books for Boys

On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow! A "What's Happening to My Body?" Book for Younger Boys
By Lynda Madaras
Now, a new book written for boys ages 8 to 11 addresses the real-life questions and concerns felt by younger boys about their changing bodies.

Then Again, Maybe I Won't
by Judy Blume
Everything is changing in Tony's life. His family has moved to a rich part of town, his friend Joel is shoplifting, and Lisa, Joel's 16-year-old sister, has a nightly habit of getting undressed without lowering her window shades. And Tony's also dealing with all the physical and emotional changes of puberty. How can he possibly cope? Find out in this classic from Judy Blume…one of the few books she has written from a young guy's point of view.

The Amazing Life of Birds: The Twenty-Day Puberty Journal of Duane Homer Leech
by Gary Paulsen
Duane is a middle school kid who's facing some strange changes…and quite a few awkward moments. Not only is his brain filled with thoughts about girls, but he's having some weird dreams, too. Growing up seems to lead him from one disaster to the next. Could that little bird outside his window be having as hard a time getting older as Duane is?

Mercy on These Teenage Chimps
by Gary Soto
Ronnie and Joey are 13-year-old boys...but they feel as awkward as chimps. With changing bodies and changing feelings towards girls, their lives are getting rough. When Joey gets embarrassed in front of Jessica, his crush, he hides away in his tree-house, leaving Ronnie to try and bring Joey and Jessica together. Will it work?

Books for Girls

Are You There God? It's Me Margaret
by Judy Blume
Change is coming fast for Margaret: she's turning twelve and facing a new neighborhood, and new school, new friends, and new feelings stirring in her heart. Margaret just needs someone to talk to, and who has a more sympathetic ear than God? Check out this classic novel to see how things work out for Margaret.

Tilly's Birthday: A Young Girl's Introduction to Menstruation
by Lorell Gordon
Tilly is having a typical school day until...she gets her first period. Luckily, Tilly has an understanding mom who guides her through this important moment in her life and helps her understand how special and wonderful her menstrual cycle really is. Aimed at being a book that Moms and daughters can share and talk about, this informative and sensitive illustrated book includes discussion questions.

Period.: A Girl's Guide
by JoAnn Loulan and Bonnie Worthen; illustrated by Marcia Quackenbush
A great guide to puberty and menstruation, this book stresses the positive side of growing up and includes diagrams that can help tween and teen girls understand exactly what's going on in their bodies. There are also question-and-answer chapters that help girls get info they need, and a parent's guide that can help adults start puberty discussions with their daughters.

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