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Puberty: Whole Lotta Changin' Going' On

Puberty. You're probably hearing about it, talking about it, or thinking about it A LOT. Maybe the word totally cracks you up, or freaks you out, or makes you feel really embarrassed. If it just fills your head with questions, you're not alone. Here's what some tweens asked IML about puberty:

Kristen, 10, wants to know: "What changes can I expect to happen? When can I expect them? Will I need to be prepared? Will I feel sick during the time? Do I have to tell my friends when these changes happen?"

Samantha, 12, had these questions: "At what age will I get my period, and what if it comes at a REALLY bad time? When will I ever grow breasts? And what if I don't want to grow up?"

Questions like these are totally normal! Like with most things, if you know the facts, it all gets a lot easier. So IML has put together this section for you to get all the info you need about this really important time in your life. Read on!

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