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Drug Abuse

What types of drug use have you seen and experienced in your school, in your family, and in the media? What do you think about it?

We got so many answers to this question that we ran out of room! Take a look at what others had to say, and send us your response on other topics.

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“Hi! You should not do drugs. I know because I am a DARE graduate at my school. It can kill you. Did you know that people die from it? So if you are asked to smoke, say NO then walk away.”
--Michelle, 10

“I think drugs are wrong because they are bad for your body. Also because they hurt and can kill!”
--Jessica, 8

“My whole family smokes cigarettes pretty much and I have an aunt and uncle that just drink.”

"Drugs aren't rare anymore. They are a big deal and most kids don't know it. A lot of kids do it because of peer pressure and because they think that it's cool and it isn't. They can kill you and they can get you in a lot of trouble. Kids in my school do drugs and sell them and some kids have even gotten suspended because they did it during school hours. They are nothing but trouble. DON"T DO DRUGS, THEY WILL KILL YOU!"

"Drugs are sooo horrible!!! They ruin your life and everything! The choice for me is drug free!!"
--Jenny, 10

"At my school we talk about drugs a lot because we have something called D.A.R.E. Also we talk about it in health (a lot). But that's good. Drug abuse is very stupid."
--Caitlin, 11

"My dad's friends drink and my dad just tries to tell them to stop. Don't feel bad."
--Jordan, 8

"I have a friend who smoked weed. His name was Hector. He said we couldn't be friends anymore and I was all like, ‘Why?’ He said because he started to do drugs and didn't want me into it."
--Monica, 13

“Every day before and after school, the grade 8's go behind a store across the street and smoke. All of the people here smoke. There are bullies in our school. Sometimes I see them smoking pot and weed. My aunt smokes cigarettes and a few other people in my family do too. I think that smoking stuff and drinking is gross! Who wants yellow teeth and hands and smelly breath?”
--Emmie, 12

“I think it is not good to do drugs because you could die from it.”
--Heather, 10

"Except for prescription, no drugs have been used in my family. My grandma smokes and we are working on her!"
--Alexis, 12

"DON'T DO DRUGS! They can KILL you!"
--Antoinette, 12

"At school a kid brought alcohol in and smacked a teacher. It was horrible! He did it because he got drunk and then he went out of control."
--Sarah, 12

"I've seen drugs too many times! It is so bad! My dad smokes, my grandma smokes, and a lot of teens do!"
--April, 13

"My brothers think it's cool to do drugs and smoke and get this, they are all younger than me! They are 9, 12 and 13. Pathetic huh? I personally don't do any of that stuff and I really want to help them."

"I've seen cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and crack. I've never tried them before and don't want to and won't do it!"
--Meli, 11

“I have a friend that does drugs and I think it is very bad for you. It is really bad for your health and at school my teacher told us about drugs. We know not to do them, so stay drug-free people! You will have a better chance of living a better and healthier life than people who do drugs.”
--Brittani, 11

“My mom and dad both smoke and so do all of my grandmothers and grandfathers. A couple of months ago my great-grandmother stopped smoking and she’s like 86 or 87. I am so proud of her and I keep encouraging my parents to stop. Someday I hope they decide to. I would be very proud of them. I hope that my grandmothers and grandfathers do too.”
--Heather, 11

“I know a lot of teens around my house who smoke marijuana. It is so annoying because sometimes my foster sister will be drunk and she acts ditsy. I also hate that she and my parents smoke.”
--Fiona, 11

“Drugs are horrible. My brother has been in prison and jail just about all his life because drugs made him do awful things. If you are thinking about doing drugs, don’t. They can really make you do things that you never dreamed about doing. Go get help if you are thinking about doing them.”

“I know drugs are REALLY BAD for you!!! I saw a non-fiction book that said if you smoke drugs that it turns healthy pink lungs into pitch black ones. That it is a MAJOR killer today!!! That's good my family knows that!!!”

"DON'T TAKE DRUGS!!! They're bad!!! If you take drugs then you will live on the street and smell really really bad!! You can die from drugs!!!"
--Nicole, 12

“I just wanna say DON’T DO DRUGS!!!!!!! You may wanna try it to ‘fit in’ or because of peer pressure or something, but it’s NOT WORTH IT!!!!! Believe me, I should know!!! My friends do and now they are failing in school, losing friends and no one wants to be around them. They act stupid and don’t care about anything but getting high. JUST DON’T DO DRUGS!!!!!! Be smart, don’t start!”

“Drugs are horrible. They can change your life and I like my life the way it is.”
--Marie, 11

“My advice to anyone thinking about using drugs is don't. It’s stupid and it ruins your life, trust me I know. To anyone who uses, I can only plead with you to stop, go get help any way you can because it is an awful way to live. Once the high is over, you will realize that you are all alone and it is a sad way to live.”
--Rhoda, 12

“I have never seen anyone at my school use drugs. In my school there's this program you take in the sixth grade which teaches you about drugs and smoking. I guess that's why no one at my school does drugs or smokes because they've watched what it does to you.”
--Stephanie, 12

“Drugs are so stupid. If you're going to do drugs you might as well just throw yourself off The Empire State Building. Drugs aren't good for you, they just destroy your body.”

“I see lots of drug use and it’s part of my everyday life. I’m exposed to different kinds of drugs around my friends. Drugs are everywhere and some people just gotta get used to being around them. If you don’t wanna use them, don’t. It’s your choice.”

“I think drugs are very bad and I’m not just saying it to say it. I've had my own experiences with drugs. I was an addict for a few years. It was hard because that’s what I saw my whole life as. That was my excuse so it wasn't my fault. One day I woke up and said, I can't blame others for my mistakes. No one held a gun to my head and said do this or else you'll die! It was my choice, so I decided to fix the problem I created. I sobered up then wrote letters to all the people affected by my addiction. I told them I was sorry and that for them and others and most importantly for me, I made the choice to stop doing drugs. All they did was ruin part of my life and others too. Now I go to rehab centers and counsel others with the same problems I had. I made it and so can you.”

“When I was about eight or nine, my across-the-street neighbor’s dad threw a cigarette on the ground.”
--Laura, 10

“I have a friend who did drugs. I feel sorry she made that decision, but I am proud of her for quitting.”
--Caitlyn, 12

“JUST SAY NO! You know what is so STUPID? People put smoking advertisements in magazines and there is only a little health warning from the doctors. What is that supposed to do? It just encourages kids.”
--Megan, 12

“It's sad that almost no one knows about the effects of drugs. Many kids in my school are throwing their lives away just to look cool. It's stupid.”
--Lindsay, 13

“Hey everybody. I just wanted to let everyone know how bad methamphetamines are for you. I live in a little town in Washington and there is one school for 3 small towns. Our little community is one of the worst in the state. I know people who do drugs and drink and get themselves killed. Just earlier this year, a boy who was 16 years old crashed his car and died on impact. Guess what, he was drunk. I live across the street from a meth dealer and used to live down the road from one. It scared me at night because I didn't know if I would wake up in the morning and find our house broken into and myself hurt. My best friend’s mom works in a class for teens that have dropped out and/or did drugs. It is really scary. I have seen posters of the human brain after they have done drugs like meth for 3 or 4 years. There are huge holes in it and the brain is rotting away. I don’t want any of you to end up like that so take my advice and don’t ever EVER do drugs. I have seen what they can do firsthand and you cannot imagine how scary it is. PLEASE listen to me and take my advice, it can and will in time KILL YOU. Think this over and then decide if you want to do drugs and I sincerely hope you choose not to. Best of luck.”
--Kelsi, 13

“My grandpa used to smoke. Then he had to go to the hospital for something else and he saw people there who were in horrible condition because of their smoking and he quit. Then my aunt and uncle started even though they had pressured him not to. My grandma won't let them smoke in the house because they'll just make grandpa's breathing disorder worse. He got it because of his smoking. It’s been better because he quit but he's still in bad condition.”
--Samantha, 12

"My friend Hector stopped hanging out with me. I was like, 'Okay, what just happened?' One day I was talking to my best friend and she told me that Hector stopped hanging out with me because he was smoking pot and didn't what me to get mixed up with it."
--Monica, 13

"I've seen drugs like prescription drugs used in my family and in my school, but I haven't actually seen anybody using drugs like marijuana or anything like that, except for an occasional passer-by on the street while I'm in the car. Drugs like those are bad things and ALWAYS mess with your brain. My friend just left a different school to go to my school and she said that kids in her class had already started using 'junk drugs,' as I call them. I couldn't believe that kids could be so ignorant about how bad those things could be for you! I just hope your parents have taught you never to use drugs. It's something everyone should know."
--Tyler, 11

"I HATE cigarettes. My grandmother and my uncle died of BRAIN CANCER because they smoked. When I see people smoke, IT MAKES ME SICK!"
--Ashley, 11

"I've always had friends that use drugs. By doing some research, I've been able to help some of them out of that habit. Just because they did it, didn't mean I had to also."

"I would NEVER EVER do drugs! Besides, I would have nightmares if I took drugs."
--Marielle, 8

"I think that smoking is bad for you because it can hurt your lungs, heart and body. If someone offers you a cigarette, you say no because it can hurt you. Don't ever smoke a cigaratte, it can really hurt you and you can die."
--Jasmine, 10

“How could anyone smoke? It's horrible! When people are smoking, I run off with my head down trying not to breathe it in.”
--Kristin, 10

“My friends drink and they are all pot smokers. My best buddy (a boy) almost got shot because he had an argument with one of the gang drug dealers. He was lucky to not get shot. In my school, drug abuse is not a problem. The Dean of Students busts drugs all the time. My brother is a smoker as well.”

“What happens if you have a stroke and the doctor says that you aren't supposed to do drugs or drink beer and you still do it? What will happen?”
--Natasha, 12

“I have seen kids at my school smoking pot and stuff. Without meaning to, I sometimes stare at them in horror. I hate watching them throw their lives away with every puff. I strongly advise everyone to not try drugs. Never do them. You'll be making your life shorter. Drugs are horrible. Don't do them!”
--Claire, 13

“None of my friends or people I know smoke or take drugs. I don't think anyone in my class will because we saw this video about a girl who took ecstasy and died of an overdose at age 14. We also read an article about a boy who smoked marijuana at age 10 and then had to go to rehab. We read another article about a boy who took drugs since he was in the sixth grade and he died. Everyone was like, 'Oh my gosh. I don't want to be like that.'”
--Sabrina, 11

“Drugs are sooo dumb! Look at Elvis Presley. He had a great life ahead of him and he destroyed it!”
--Kienan, 11

“I know a few people who take drugs. It is bad”
--Sarah, 12

“What dose Drug Abuse mean? Why do people do them? Why do kids do them? Why???”
--Molly, 10

“One person in my family smokes. I feel scared because a lot of people die from smoking.”
--Aminah, 11


“My dad smokes and the people that live across the street smoke, drink, and do marijuana. My mom seems to mind because my parents are split up and my dad is staying at their house but me and my mom aren’t. My mom is worried that my dad might join in with them. Drugs are bad. They do not only hurt you, they hurt everybody else’s body too. I wish that drugs were not even on earth!!!”
--Alexis, 9

“My cousin Kody said one day a boy brought a backpack full of beer to school and a bunch of boys got really high in a bathroom. I was so glad my school is not like that!”
--Callie, 11

“Drugs are for LOSERS. I kind of pity the people who do them. They can't ever be happy.”
--Maya, 10

“I would NEVER EVER, in my whole life, no matter what, use drugs. I want to have an education!!!”
--Mercedes, 10

“I've HEARD about people in my schools doing drugs and selling them and I know it’s true because they got expelled and everything. It’s a bad choice because it doesn't only hurt you, it hurts everyone who loves you. People who do drugs don't care about their future. Drugs hurt your body. People should do something they really love to keep their minds off bad things like smoking, drinking, or anything else that’s bad.”

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