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What types of drug use have you seen and experienced in your school, in your family, and in the media? What do you think about it?

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Drug Abuse: Rumors and Myths

There are a lot of rumors going around about drugs. Here are some of the ones you asked us about, and we've done our best to dig up the plain truth for you.

"Drugs feel good, plus they help you deal with the stress of school."

FALSE. Some drugs do make people feel good for a short time, and this is what's called the "high." But there is no drug that

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doesn't come with a "low," and the bad feelings and scary effects of drugs often last much longer than any good feelings. Also, every person reacts to drugs a little differently, and certain strong drugs like LSD and ecstasy, which people take to feel good, can make many kids feel very bad very quickly, like they're stuck in a nightmare. Most drugs can also lead to serous health problems, and being sick or in pain certainly isn't "feeling good."

As far as relieving the stress from school, drugs will only make things worse. Kids who are on drugs almost always get into trouble with behavior and grades, and these things only add to stress. Think about kids you know, or even characters on TV or in the movies, who do drugs. Do they look like they don't have any stress?

"Drugs aren't bad as long as you can control them."

FALSE. Drugs are against the law whether you do a little or do a lot. If you're caught using drugs, depending on your age, you can get kicked out of school, be sent to a juvenile correction center, or go to jail. As far as health and mental effects, drugs can sometimes hurt you the first time you take them.

You should also be aware that the whole idea of "controlling it" is often a lie. Drugs can take over your mind and body so that all you want to do is get more drugs. In a way, the drug controls you, instead of the other way around. Not everyone who tries drugs will end up a hopeless addict, but the chances of controlling your life, and being healthy and successful, are much greater if you never try drugs.

"Drugs can make you feel like you have bugs under your skin!"

TRUE. Many people who abuse methamphetamine or Ritalin can feel the sensation of insects crawling beneath their skin. This can be a very scary thing! Hallucinogenic drugs, like LSD, can also make you see and feel things that aren't there, and this can include bugs and even more frightening things. Yikes!

In the next section we'll show you how you can Make A Difference! when it comes to drug abuse.


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