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Great Books About "Alcohol"

Fiction Books

by Peg Kehret
Kit Hathaway, 14, is dealing with a lot of stuff in her life, including a stepfather who drinks too much, and her own urge to shoplift. Caught stealing, she is sentenced to community service at an animal shelter, and then she learns that she must give an oral report on the very crime she committed! Will she be able to get control of her life and make her dreams come true?

A Door Near Here
by Heather Quarles
As her alcoholic mother lies in bed, 15-year-old Katherine Donovan tries to care for her three siblings and keep the family from falling apart. But when Alisa, her 8-year-old sister, runs away to find a magical kingdom, Katherine finds that being the parent is a lot harder than it seems.

Dear Kids of Alcoholics
by Lindsey Hall, Rosemary E. Lingenfelter and Leigh Cohn
A young boy named Jason offers emotional stories about his own fatherís alcoholism and recovery, showing readers what itís like to be a kid living with a parent who drinks too much. The ultimate message: children of alcoholics can find love and happiness.

Raising the Shades
by Doug Wilhelm
Thirteen-year-old Casey has been caring for his alcoholic father ever since his mom and sister left the family. Unable to count on his dadís behavior, and trying to form a new friendship with a girl whose mother drank herself to death, Casey begins to understand that he canít do it all by himself and that his dad needs real help for his problem.


When Someone You Love Abuses Alcohol or Drugs - A Guide for Kids
Written for children with an alcoholic or drug-abusing parents, this book includes valuable information on how to deal with the various emotions, including anger, shame and guilt, that come from this difficult situation.

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