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Alcohol: Thinking About Drinking

Alcohol is everywhere! Your local supermarket probably has a whole aisle full of beer and wine, or maybe you have a liquor store a few blocks from your house. Billboards show young, good-looking people holding colorful drinks, and the Super Bowl devotes almost as much time to beer ads as it does to football. The people who make and sell alcohol spend big money trying to convince us that it's the center of a fun, exciting life...and millions of young people see those messages every day.

Well, the truth about alcohol isn't in those ads. The truth is much more complicated! Here are a few of the questions that you, our IML'ers, have sent in:

Sarah, 9, asks: "Why do people drink alcohol?"

Nina, 9, asks: "Why do teenagers decide to drink alcohol when they know it's terrible and brain damaging?"

Collette, 11, asks: "In what way does it affect the brain?"

Let's tackle these and other questions, so you have the facts you need to make important choices when it comes to drinking alcohol.

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