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Guest Post: Debby Ryan

By It's My Life on July 10, 2012 10:37 AM | No TrackBacks

Radio Rebel DVD box art sm.pngIn the recent Disney Channel Original Movie "Radio Rebel," which is now available on DVD, Debby Ryan plays Shelby, a shy high school student who only finds the courage to speak as her "secret" alter-ego, an underground DJ who inspires her peers to be themselves and break free of pressure and expectations from others. If you haven't seen this flick, we highly recommend it. (The music's great, too!)

We invited Debby to be our guest IML Blogger for the day. She has some amazing insights about celebrating our differences and what makes each of us unique. Read this and you'll totally want to hang out with her for a day.

"Be Yourself, Because You Are Beautiful"
I think that the most beautiful thing in life is diversity. When you see a light in a dark room, the reason it looks so bright is because everything around it is cloaked in the same dark shadow. On the other hand, a prism or a sunset is often experienced as strikingly beautiful, because each is made up of so MANY colors. If everything everywhere was one color, you wouldn't be able to see just how beautiful things are, and I think that this applies to people, too.
debbyryan_radiorebel.jpgIf everyone had the same sense of humor, things just wouldn't be as funny or intriguing. I think that the most beautiful thing about being able to live life is meeting different people in passing, experiencing various personalities, and hearing the stories explaining each individual's preferences and memories. For example, you may agree with someone on your favorite flavor of ice cream, but they might have a completely different reason for making it their number one choice. Maybe someone's favorite flavor is based on a memory of getting ice cream with their family as a kid. Maybe someone else hates mint because it reminds them of toothpaste. I like digging into people's thoughts and ideas; it really gives you an idea of why people are the way that they are!
The biggest mistake that we can make is to go through life without ever asking "Why?" I believe that in order to really get the most out of life, we should see and do as many different things as possible. I've always wanted to help support a village in developing countries, and I've been obsessed with India recently. So I went, helped bring big changes and bigger hugs, and before I left, I decided to ride a camel and get henna tattoos all down my arm. From there, I went to Australia on a business trip and took a surf lesson. I'm terrified of the ocean, but I did it! I had these opportunities, and I let myself take them. Different experiences make us into the people we are. I believe we are collages or mosaics, made up of different pieces, textures, and colors. Some qualities and experiences may break us and leave us with rough edges, while others build us up solid and refine us smooth and shiny. All of them come together to create the mosaic of you, and all of them are beautiful.
There is no one standard of beauty. I think that each person can have something incredibly unique and beautiful about them that makes them stand apart from all others in the world. Knowing that millions of people that have lived before, and millions of people are currently alive, but there never has been, nor will there ever be, anyone exactly like you, is the most beautiful thing in the world! The more that you are able to embrace that, the more you'll see that the things that you find weird or awkward about yourself, the things that make you stick out or feel like you're strange, are the things that make you different and unique and beautiful. As long as you are working to become the best version of yourself that you can be, always being gracious, and open to learning new things and asking why, you remain beautiful leaving behind a unique footprint on the world. And you have a ton of fun while doing it. Stay beautiful!
Radio Rebel believes in the beauty of diversity, so I put together a playlist that showcases a range of genres, lyrics, and artists: classically timeless & ahead of their time, gently reflective & empowered anthemic, chart-toppers & basement-dwellers. These tracks are about youth, individuality, the power of music, and fighting for what you believe in.
"Start A Riot" - The Rescues
"Beat The System" - Alyson Stoner
"Bullet Soul" - Switchfoot
"Generation" - States
"Synthesizers" - Butch Walker & The Black Widows
"Coachella" - Brooke Fraser
"Revolution" - The Beatles
"Forest" - Twenty | One | Pilots
"It's Time" - Imagine Dragons
"Free My Mind" - Katie Herzig
"I Can't Hear You" - The Dead Weather
"Youth" - Foxes
Change the world... out loud.

Wow. Great playlist. Thanks, Debby!

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