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Beyond the Big Concert: "Apassionata" and other unique happenings this summer

By It's My Life on June 11, 2012 1:19 PM | No TrackBacks

What's on your entertainment calendar for the summer? Got tickets to something huge and ultra-exciting? 'Tis the season for big concerts and this year should be no exception, with the Bieb going on tour as well as One Direction and Big Time Rush, plus lots of multi-artist festivals and state-fair headliners. However, look a little harder and you'll see there's more than music coming to your city this summer...happenings that might speak to your special interests, expose you to new things, and be the perfect outing for everyone in your family to share together. Want a For Instance? Here's a great one:

Apassionata_PianoDance1.jpg"Apassionata" is a live equestrian show that's finally arrived in North America after being a hit in Europe for nearly a decade. IML was lucky to have a chance to check this out recently when it came to the NYC area. If "live equestrian show" sounds vague and confusing to you, picture more than 40 horses of 13 different breeds -- everything from enormous Friesians to adorable little Shetland ponies -- and their riders performing tricks,Apassionata_Stunt3.jpg dances, and powerful displays of the bond between humans and these incredible animals. The music, screen projections, non-stop energy, and varying themes of each performance made this a truly theatrical event, but like nothing we'd ever seen before. There's something about these horses that really grabbed our hearts, and as we looked around at other audience members of all ages, it seemed like everyone else felt the same way. For more information about Apassionata, visit

We nosed around and found some other ideas for great, family-friendly events you might not have thought of:

Cirque du Soleil. These stunning shows combine acrobatics, dance, theatrics, and imaginative visuals -- definitely not your old-school circus. Many of the different Cirque du Soleil productions are on tour at the moment, such as "Michael Jackson: The Immortal," "Quidam," and "Totem." Check out the details at

"How To Train Your Dragon" Live. Based on the hit animated film from DreamWorks, this is bound to be way off the Coolness Scale. Gigantic animatronic dragons. Special effects. Stunts. Yeah, we'll be there!  

Theatre, theatre, and more theatre. Crack open your local paper and you're bound to see lots of great musicals on stage near you, performed by members of your community or a touring production, or even a youth theatre group. Take a chance and break out of your movie rut; chances are, these show tickets are not much more expensive than the multiplex.

Music, music, music. Well yeah, it's much more exciting to see a Gigantic Pop Star perform in the flesh. But there is so much live music being performed in the summer -- in your town park, at street festivals, during local fairs. It may not be anyone you've heard of, but could be equally as awesome (you could always say you "discovered" them before anyone else did) and best of all, most of these events are free.

One of our favorite things about summer is the chance to try new things and create memories...going out of the box for entertainment is a great way to do that! Remember that if tickets to something seem unaffordable, ask a parent to help you search the Internet for special coupons or deals.

We'll leave you with this video trailer from "Apassionata"!


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