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Lucas Cruikshank and "Fred: The Show"

By It's My Life on February 16, 2012 4:00 PM | No TrackBacks

First, there were short YouTube videos. Then there was a movie. Then there was another movie. Where does a talented teen and his strange, hyper, lovable alter ego go next? To a TV show, of course! "Fred: The Show" premieres on Nickelodeon starting Monday, February 20 at 8pm ET/PT. Each episode of this new series is 11 minutes long and builds on Fred's adventures from the films.

fred_series_17HR.jpgAs you can tell from our previous interviews with Lucas Cruikshank, we're fans of Fred. Not just because Fred is funny, but because there's more to him than meets the eye. He's one of those characters that reminds us, it's okay to be different, and that we should never give up on something we want. We can't help but root for Fred because he's the underdog. Plus, we love the fact that Lucas has had such success from something that he originally did just for fun, and that he's managed to stay totally down-to-earth and focused.

We checked in with Lucas about this next stage of Fred-dom!

IML: Where in the timeline of Fred's previous adventures does "Fred: The Show" fall?  

Lucas: Fred is now in high school.  I would say about a year has passed since when we last saw Fred in the second movie.

IML: Each episode is 11 minutes long. Is it challenging to come up with stories that can be told in that length of time?

Lucas: Coming up with ideas isn't really challenging.  In fact, it's been going really smoothly and the episodes are turning out great!

IML: Where do you get your ideas for each Fred "adventure"?

Lucas: Random things inspire me!  Sometimes, as I'm falling asleep, ideas for stories will just starting popping into my mind.

IML: How is the process of shooting and editing this series different from the previous videos you've done?

Lucas: The biggest difference between the online Fred videos and the series is that the show is a much longer process.  While making the Internet videos was a two hour process, shooting a TV episode is much more involved than that.

fred_series_18HR.JPGIML: Any hints on what we can expect from Fred -- is he going to try something different, meet someone new, or go somewhere exciting and strange?

Lucas: In the show, Fred is just experiencing high school and running into crazy situations.  There's never a dull day with Mr. Figglehorn.

IML: What's been your biggest "Fred highlight" of the last year?

Lucas: The premiere of "Fred 2"! I was so happy it did well and so thankful for everyone who watched it.

IML: What can you tell us about your next project with Nickelodeon, "Marvin, Marvin"? It sounds great!

Lucas: "Marvin, Marvin" is a TV show about an alien who comes to live with a human family.  Marvin is an odd guy trying to learn the ins and outs of our world...and he spontaneously bursts into dance every once in a while, too.

IML: Thanks, Lucas, and good luck!


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