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Celeb Scoop: Titus Makin Jr.

By It's My Life on February 23, 2012 10:50 AM | No TrackBacks

titus.jpgAs you may know, being part of a performing group can really change your life. Being part of a performing group on a gigantic hit TV series can change your life to the 12th degree of awesomeness. Just ask Titus Makin, Jr., a member of the fictional, but no less amazing, Warblers glee club on "Glee."

Titus plays David, and although you probably don't know this character's name, you've probably seen and heard him in every Warblers song to date. Titus has a bright future ahead of him and we think he's a performer to watch, with other roles such as NBC's "Game of Your Life" and ABC Family's "A Cinderella Story." We loved getting to know more about him!

IML: Your first starring project, "Game of Your Life," just aired recently. Tell us about that. What was the best part of it, for you?

Titus: It was awesome, because not only was it great to do something on NBC, but it was my first "ultra-leading" role, where I'm on camera ALL the time. It was a new thing for me, and I have a hard time watching myself, so that was interesting...but it was an amazing life opportunity, and I just hope that there a lot more leading roles in the future.

IML: What was it like to be able to get into a character and explore it with that much screen time?

Titus: It was great, actually. It was my first time doing so much research on a character. They flew us into Atlanta, and we had to take video game design classes. My character is extremely intelligent when it comes to video games, so I had to take classes to really learn all the terms and understand how games are made. It was cool and it really put me in the character's shoes. I completely understand where he's coming from, as far as the work, and the effort it takes.

IML: That sounds like an incredible learning experience just as an actor, to be able to get into it like that. This leads us to David, your character on "Glee." He's a bit of a mystery, and the audience doesn't really learn anything about him. Do you have a "backstory" for him that you can use yourself, as an actor? Did you have any ideas of who he os and where he's coming from?

Titus: Yeah, I actually did create a backstory! Just because sometimes Ryan (the show's producer) may ask about that, and he creates a lot from the other kids' personal lives and what they've created for themselves. So I've always assumed, and made it true, that David comes from a household where they don't know that he is going to the school and acting like this. Like he's from a different neighborhood that's not as wealthy, and he persuaded them to let him move in with his grandparents, and they sent him to the school in their division, and his parents don't know. So I just created this special twist for myself, just to have something to go off of.

IML: While we're talking about "Glee," we have to confess, we're huge fans of The Warblers. What's been your favorite Warblers song so far?

Titus: My favorite one to hear is "Hey Soul Sister." I just like that song a lot. And my favorite one to perform was probably the Gap scene, because we could run around, and flip off the tables, and really just go outside of the school for the first time, so that was awesome. We did that at the Gap at The Grove, an outdoor shopping mall outside of Los Angeles.

IML: We know you're a dancer as well as an actor. What's your favorite dance style?

Titus: Well, of course I'm gonna have to give it to hip-hop! But actually, I went to a performing arts school in New York, and they were teaching us ballroom, and I've found this love for ballroom...foxtrot and waltz and all those things. So that's sort of second place, there. Also, there's a pretty awesome "Bollywood" number in "Cinderella Story," so that's pretty cool.

IML: Growing up, you were a military kid, so you moved around a lot. We have a lot of kids who write into IML who are in the same situation, or who have parents deployed overseas. Now that you're older and can look back, how did being in a military family effect you?

Titus: I think it was beneficial. Now, when I have to leave and go someplace for my career, I'm kinda used it. I've adapted to moving fairly often, and I don't grow attached to a lot of things that would hold me back. If you were in a place for a long time, you'd be afraid to move to, Los Angeles, let's say. I just really embraced it, and I'm happy I did, because now I hear people say "Oh, I want to travel and see these places," and I'm like "Well, I already did it, and it was awesome!" So I really think it's something you can embrace, and know that wherever you go you can make friends, and just because you're leaving certain places doesn't mean you can't stay in touch with your old friends.

IML: You've probably picked up quite an amazing collection of people from your various travels.

Titus: I love that type of thing...meeting new people, and seeing new places. So that type of childhood really worked for me.

IML: What's next for you in 2012?

Titus: Well, hopefully there will be some more episodes of "Glee." But other than that, I just finished shooting a new film called "So This is Christmas," that's slated to come out in December of 2012. And that's another awesome movie with a great storyline, and a great message. I was able to play the son of Vivica Fox and the stepson of Eric Roberts.

IML: Do you have a "dream role"?

Titus: Yes. My dream role has always been to play something -- anything -- alongside Will Smith. His nephew, his son...I could be a clerk at a store that serves him coffee... I don't know! That is my dream role.

IML: Has he been a role model for you?

Titus: Yes, definitely. I love both comedy and drama, and seeing somebody like him who does it wonderfully, going back and forth between the two, is a career I aim to go back and forth smoothly, and be respected for both.

IML: Well, we think you're on the right track, and we hope that something like that is in store for you! Thanks for talking to us, and good luck with everything!

Titus: Thank you so much!

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