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Meet tween musical theatre (and YouTube video) star Amanda Roit

By It's My Life on May 20, 2011 12:19 PM | No TrackBacks

So it's Friday, and goshdarnit there's a certain song that's stuck in our heads even though we kind of don't want it to be. Thanks, Rebecca Black and your 144 MILLION views on YouTube! Thanks a lot!

Amanda Roit by David Needleman_02.jpgWhen we first saw the clip for Rebecca's song "Friday," we started wondering. How many other tweens are on the Web with original songs and professionally made videos? Is it an epidemic? And which of them really have the talent to make it worth watching them? We surfed around and found a video by 11-year-old Amanda Roit from Long Island, called "Stayin' Up All Night." It's another catchy tune about something tweens and teens can relate to, and Amanda has a great voice.

Turns out, Amanda's already a seasoned musical theatre star, having performed in professional local productions of "Hairspray," "The Wizard of Oz," and "Annie." We asked Amanda to tell us a little more about herself and her video.

IML: How did you get started performing. How old were you? 

Amanda: I was seven years old when I started performing. I wanted to sing and act since as young as I can I began by taking singing lessons and acting classes at seven.  I finally started to audition for plays a couple years later. and began being cast for roles.

IML: When did you know it was something you wanted to pursue seriously, rather than just participating in school productions and stuff like that?

Amanda: I knew performing was something I wanted to pursue seriously the minute I walked into my first singing/acting class; I just knew I was in the right place.

IML: Do you have a favorite role that you've played? 

Amanda: Although I have really enjoyed all the productions I have been in, I really enjoyed playing Annie (in the Broadway musical of the same name).

IML: What's the funniest or just most memorable thing that's happened to you onstage?

Amanda: My funniest experience while being onstage was when I was performing in Annie.  At the end of the show I had to sing with a dog in my hands; during one performance it scratched me and I almost dropped it!
IML: What has performing added to your life?
Amanda: Performing is my passion... and it certainly makes me confident and happy.

IML: How did the video for "Stayin' Up All Night" happen?

Amanda: The video is based on my 11th birthday sleepover... and yes, those are my BEST friends in the video, those that supported me throughout all these opportunities.

IML: What else is in store for you this year? 

Amanda: More acting and singing and learning!

IML: Thanks, Amanda. Good luck with the video and everything else!

Thank you!

You can learn more about Amanda at and watch the "Stayin' Up All Night" video here -- another perfect song for a Friday if you've got a sleepover planned! Will it be the next viral music sensation? We'll find out.

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