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Celeb Scoop: Tom Jordan

By It's My Life on February 23, 2011 2:07 PM | No TrackBacks

Sometimes we look around and realize there's one young music artist (or group) who's everywhere at once. It happened with Miley Cyrus and then with the Jonas Brothers. Right now of course it's Mr. Bieber. It's moments like this where it's fun to turn away from the hysteria and check out something fresh.

tomjordan1.jpgYou don't get much fresher than 17-year-old Tom Jordan. This Australian teen has been performing since he was 9 and writing songs since he was 11, and last year released his self-titled debut album. There's something about Tom's music that puts him above trends and hype. Here's what this very sweet guy, who describes himself as an "organic singer-songwriter," had to say to IML.

IML: How old were you when you first picked up the guitar? What sparked you to do it?

Tom: My parents bought me this little guitar when I was about 3 years old. I had no idea what I was doing with it though. I still have that guitar actually, it has tape all around it to hold it together! But I got my first real guitar and guitar lesson when I was 9 because I loved AC/DC and wanted to be like Angus Young, the guitarist.

IML: What do you think performing music at such a young age added to your life growing up?

Tom: It definitely gave me confidence. I think talking to people after I played and stuff led me to having better people skills than a lot of my friends when I was younger. Also, for me to have the opportunities I've had already is so amazing and I've had to learn to be mature and humble about it all.

IML: Of all the songs you've written, what are your favorites, and what are they about? Have you ever written a very personal song that wasn't received the way you'd hoped it would?

Tom: I can't really say I have "favorite" songs of mine because I'm proud of every song I write, but sure, I like some more than others...I've gone through a process while writing for my upcoming album that I've written so many songs but some of them are better than others. As far as personal songs go, I like to be able to relate to every song I write, and yeah, some songs haven't gone down the way I'd planned...I remember I wrote a song for a girl and showed it to some friends and they loved it and said I should play it for her, so I played it for her one-on-one in a music room at school once. We kind of had an on-and-off thing for a while and I wrote her this song because I started to really like her...So I built up the courage and played it for her with high hopes, and at the end of the song she goes, "Awww" and gives me a hug, and that was it. She never spoke of it again! Ha ha ha.

IML: Ouch! Well, at least you went for it. When you're writing a song and get stuck, how do you work through it?

Tom: I hate forcing songs because to me it seems unnatural. If I can't finish a song, I tend to leave it and keep it in the back of my head for ideas.

tomjordan2.jpgIML: You've also done some acting. Was that a natural transition for you?

Tom: Acting was really intimidating. Being on the set of Disney's "As The Bell Rings" was one of the most overwhelming experiences I can remember. I have never done any acting classes and I was surrounded by these professional young actors, but as time went on we all became good friends and that made it all heaps easier.

IML: Who are your role models and musical influences?

Tom: John Mayer for sure, he's the man. I've loved his music since his first album and yeah, I have every single one of his songs on iTunes, haha. Jason Mraz is another musician I love. I listen to so much music though so I have a really broad range of influences, like The Killers, Adele, Amos Lee, John Legend and others.

IML: Whose career out there would you want to have...or not have? Have you learned anything from watching other young artists end up becoming about something other than the music?

Tom: I would honestly love to be Justin Bieber for one day just to see what his day-to-day life is like! And yeah, with some younger artists they become more of an "image" than a musical artist. I would hate if that happened to me. I always want to keep my music honest and organic and hopefully people can relate and enjoy it!

IML: We're sure they will! Good luck and thanks for chatting with us!

Tom: Thanks...and you're welcome!

We love Tom's song "Someone Somewhere"...check out the video here. You can also learn more about Tom and watch his hilarious "TomCast" webisodes at his website at, or follow him on Twitter at @tjordan93.

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