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Michael and Marisa debut their music video for "The Same"

By It's My Life on January 27, 2011 12:17 PM | No TrackBacks

Last summer, we met the tween bro/sis musical duo Michael and Marisa, who had recently recorded a song called "The Same." It's a song about bullying...or rather, standing by and watching bullying happen to someone else, and realizing you and that person are not all that different. Now the talented sibs have just released their music video for "The Same" and we think it's sort of great.

Says Marisa about the song: "It's important that, as kids ourselves, we stand up and defend our friends.  We have the greatest power, and the biggest responsibility, to come together as a group and let bullies know it's not okay to treat others this way. We have the strength to make a positive change to make the world a better place."

Read our interview with Michael and Marisa, and check out the new video:

You can learn more about these guys and their music at Go MIchael and Marisa! (And BTW, we love the beret.)

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