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By It's My Life on January 21, 2011 9:52 AM | No TrackBacks

For a long while now -- um, maybe years? -- IML'ers have been asking, urging, BEGGING us to have some kind of login system for our You Said It pages. And we keep saying, "It's coming! It's coming!"

Now, it actually is coming. Very, very soon. Actually, it's sort of already the form of the PBS KIDS GO! Secret Box. If you spend time on other GO! sites like Design Squad and SciGirls, then you probably already have one. The Secret Box is a place for you to keep all your faves, creations, and friends across PBS KIDS GO! So we are in the process of making the Secret Box system work with our You Said It pages.

Here's what this will mean for you:

  1. You will not be able to post a message on any IML You Said It page without being signed in to your Secret Box. If you don't have a Secret Box username, you will have to get one if you want to continue to post. It's very easy to get one and literally takes a few seconds. You won't be asked for any information about yourself. You will just be asked to create a username and password, and choose a secret code that will help you if you ever forget your password. You will NOT be asked for an email address, name, age, or location. These usernames will be approved by someone at PBS KIDS to make sure they are not offensive.

  2. Once you're signed in and posting to our You Said It pages, you will be able to keep track of all your own posts in your Secret Box. You will also be able to save other things you create not just on IML but on other GO! sites. You'll be able to choose a "theme" and an "icon" to represent you; scroll down towards the bottom of the choices and you'll see some familiar faces from IML games and illustrations.

  3. You'll also be able to add and keep track of friends you meet on IML, then visit their Secret Boxes. Cool, huh?

  4. When looking at a You Said It page, you will be able to click on someone's username and see the most recent posts they made to that page. That's a nice way of "getting to know" other IML'ers and deciding if maybe you want to request them as a Secret Box friend.

  5. You'll be able to "like" someone's post just like you can on other social websites.

  6. No more "Impostering" -- someone using your IML name to post, pretending to be you. Yay!

  7. Oh, and if you just want to read posts and not write your own, you don't need to be signed in.

So here's what we would like you to do in the next month: 

  1. We know some of you IML'ers are very attached to the names you've been using on IML, because they ARE pretty unique, so we suggest you head to the PBS KIDS GO! Secret Box page right away to create a box with that name or something like it. If you already have a Secret Box but want to make another with your IML name, you can do that. We will remind you guys a few times more before we switch over, but the earlier you claim your name, the better!

  2. Since we are totally changing over, ALL of the existing posts on the You Said It pages will be gone. Poof! Not ideal, we know. We tried to figure out a way to keep the old and the new, but it would just be too confusing. So if you posted something that you really would like to see on the new pages -- something from My Writing, for instance, or anything you spent a lot of time on -- we suggest you cut and paste it onto your computer now so you can re-post it again with your GO! username once the switch happens.
We know not everyone is going to be thrilled with this switch, which will happen sometime in early March. But in the end, it will make our You Said It pages safer, friendlier, and generally more fun. We're so excited and hope you are too!

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