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Celeb Scoop: Kelsey Chow

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kelsey1.jpgAlthough 19-year-old Kelsey Chow made her mark as Gigi in "One Tree Hill" and now co-stars in the Disney XD hit "Pair of Kings," she's not your typical teen TV queen. Coming from a background in dance and musical theatre, she spends her non-Hollywood time studying Global Health and Community Theatre at Columbia University in New York and actively volunteering with several important causes. Kelsey is definitely someone to watch AND a great role model too (they don't always go together, right?). We think she'll be around for a while! That's why it was extra-fun for us to chat with her recently about her past, present, and future. 

IML: How are you similar to your "Pair of Kings" character Mikayla, and how are you different?
Kelsey: We are both optimistic, loyal, and persistent, but Mikayla is much stronger physically and martial arts savvy than I am!!
IML: How have your experiences on "Pair of Kings' been different from your experiences on "One Tree Hill"?
Kelsey: "One Tree Hill" was my first television experience, so naturally I was nervous initially. There is no rehearsal, you get your script a few days ahead, and you work. I was also the youngest actor, 13, on set at that time, but it was amazing to be able to "learn the ropes" with such a supportive group of people. "Pair of Kings" is so much fun, literally.  It is a very physical show with loads of stunts and green screen work, and you never know what great adventure is ahead of you! It's also a nice change in terms of being of similar ages to Doc Shaw and Mitchel Musso. It is a family, with Geno and Ryan making it complete!
IML: You've been involved with theatre and dance for years. What did you feel it added to your life as you were growing up? 
Kelsey: Dance and theatre afforded me the opportunity to discover my passion for acting, for telling stories. Being a part of these productions helped me to develop specific skills,  discipline, and confidence. It also gave me the opportunity to work with extraordinarily talented people of all ages and backgrounds.
IML: We always ask this question...What were you like in middle school?
kelsey2.jpgKelsey: I was very shy and I did want to be accepted. It's a very important time because I was just beginning to discover who I am. That's why it is so important to have good friends who support you and who are positive influences. Never let someone else define who you are. It's a very sensitive time when you first begin to realize that people can be unkind and judge you for what you wear, who you hang out with, and cultural differences. It can be difficult, so find something you love to do, and learn to do it well. You will find another support group and goals to work toward.  It will help you develop confidence and strength.
IML: That's excellent advice! We hear you've done some work with the Red Cross and the Jed Foundation. Can you tell us about these causes and why you support them?
Kelsey: Yes, I've recently become involved in Club Red, a new division of the American Red Cross. I have always been so amazed by what the Red Cross is able to accomplish on such short notice, on such a wide scale, and in your community, state, nation, and globally. I'm also very excited about the "It's on My Mind" Campaign with the Jed Foundation/Pepsi Refresh Challenge which is trying to raise awareness of the importance of addressing emotional health of students and young adults across the country.
IML: Do you have any role models, both in life and in work? 
Kelsey: Definitely! My 94-year-old grandmother has always been so inspiring to me.  She is kind, smart, brave, and independent.  After graduating number one in her medical school class at a time when it was extremely rare for women to attend medical school, she worked with the World Health Organization in North Africa to eradicate tuberculosis. I have always admired her elegance, her poise, and her inner strength. She lived through some very unstable times in terms of the places and political situations.  It was only recently that we learned that she had also been involved in small theatre productions as a teenager.
IML: What do you think it means for a girl to be "strong"?
Kelsey: I believe "strong" means to be yourself. To believe in yourself and not let others define you. Set goals, work hard, and realize your dreams.
IML: What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

Kelsey: I'm extremely interested in astrology...I read my horoscope every day!

IML: Thanks, Kelsey! Good luck with everything!

Thank you!


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