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Celeb Scoop: Ryan Ochoa

By It's My Life on October 21, 2010 1:58 PM | No TrackBacks

The new Disney XD television series "Pair of Kings" is fun fantasy viewing that poses the question: What would YOU do if you ruled your own island? The show is about twin brothers Brady (Mitchel Musso) and Boomer (Doc Shaw), who discover that they're heirs to the throne of a tiny tropical island called Kinkow and it's time for them to step up and take charge. Going from regular to royal isn't easy for these guys, especially with lots of weird island superstitions and magical happenings in the mix. 

ryan_ochoa.jpgRecently IML spoke with one of the show's co-stars, 14-year-old Ryan Ochoa. 

IML: How would you describe your character on "Pair of Kings"?

Ryan: I play Lanny, who's basically trying to eliminate the kings and take their throne because I was next in line. Before they came, I was the one who was kind of ruling the island. So I'm jealous, always messing around with them and being sarcastic. I'm always being mean behind their back but nice to them in front of their face.

IML: So you're the show's "bad guy"!

Ryan: Yes, but it's a comedic kind of bad guy. I'm the little, cunning, funny kid who's basically super annoyed by the kings all the time. They have no idea what they're doing, and I read the Great Book which tells about the whole island and I know how to rule. I'm just really jealous of them and a little menace. It's really fun to play, especially because every one of my lines is really funny.

IML: Is this a departure from other roles you've played in the past?

Ryan: No, actually! I played Chuck on "iCarly," and he was kind of a bad guy too.

IML: That's right! So how did you get started in acting, and how did you know you wanted to pursue it professionally?

Ryan: I started modeling when I was 5 and 6, doing fashion shows and that kind of thing. I've always loved entertaining people and I'm an outgoing person. Acting is something that I found and wanted to pursue. I love movies and TV, the whole industry really fascinates me and I wanted to be a part of it.

IML: Is it fun working with Mitchel Musso and the rest of the cast?

Ryan: Mitchel has been with Disney since he was 12 years old and he loves his craft and he's really professional. We all really respect him becuse he knows what he wants, and is really talented. It's a real honor to work with Mitchel because he's also a good person off camera. Doc Shaw is also really laid back and down to earth, and we hang out together. The cast is really just one big family!

IML: While you're doing all this, you've just started high school. How do you balance school and friends and family with work?

Ryan: It's hard, but it's worth it. I go to public school because I want to stay grounded and be a normal kid. I want to be able to hang around my friends and other students who aren't in show business. On Fridays I have my table read for the show, we have a light rehearsal, and then and we go home. Once I get home, I see all my friends. I want to make sure I have time for them.

IML: We hear you like producing and directing your own videos. Is that true?

Ryan: Yes! I write ideas and short films and I direct them with my family. We have a little HD camera and we shoot around the neighborhood with my friends and even my acting friends too. Then we put them up on a YouTube channel. It's really fun because that's something I want to do when I get older, direct and produce and write my own films and be able to act in them too. So I'm learning and getting the hang of it. It really lets you express yourself and do something different.

IML: Are there any sports you're really into?

Ryan: I love to play football and I'm a big fan. I love the Raiders! At our house everyone comes over to watch Sunday night football.

IML: You have three brothers. That's a lot of boys in one family. What's that like?

Ryan: It's crazy! Me and my older brother are really, really close. We call each other Peanut Butter and Jelly. My little brothers are Ketchup and Mustard.

IML: When you fight, what kinds of things do you fight about?

Ryan: The lamest things! Video games. Typical little kid stuff. If one person is messing around with your stuff and you don't want someone else to get one of the things you own, you start fighting about it. Then a few weeks later you give it to them anyway!

IML: Here are some "Favorites" questions for you. What's your favorite...


Ryan: There's so many. I just saw "Inception" and I think that's the best movie ever made. You're thinking the whole movie and it's amazing. Leonardo is my idol and my favorite actor. He's someone I'd love to work with someday. He's just pure acting genius.

...TV show?
Ryan: "So You Think you Can Dance" and "America's Best Dance Crew." Me and my family are big dance fans so we watch all those shows!

...Music artist?
Ryan: Eminem, by far!

...Way to spend a rainy day?
Ryan: I go to the movies a lot with my family.

...Way to chill out if you're feeling stressed?
Ryan: Hanging out with my friends from school.

IML: Thanks, Ryan! It was great to meet you, and good luck with the show!

Ryan: Thank you!

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